American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 85g

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American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 85g by American Crew

If the image doesnt look right dont worry, you will receive the item specified in the title

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American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 85g by American Crew

If the image doesnt look right dont worry, you will receive the item specified in the title

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14 reviews for American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 85g

  1. Jmb1779

    This product delivers on its promise; it provides both good hold and sheen and it’s even strong enough to hold quite thick can be applied to dry and moist hair, but it’s easiest to work with in moist hair, so it doesn’t stiffen too fast.When you first open the container, it looks like the product is black, but it’s actually a clear white and it’s easy to scoop out and work with. The fragrance is citric and quite ordinary, but that’s not a bad thing. The sticker on the container seemed to be a bit haphazardly placed, so it didn’t quite have the professional finishing I would have expected from a product this price, but it provides good hold and shine as promised.

  2. H. Ashford

    I got this for my partner, who normally uses a pomade that he gets from the barbers.He says it is very similar to the stuff he normally uses. It is very long lasting, his hair holds its style – even overnight, he can just run a wet comb through it in the morning. However, it is too heavy for day to day use, he prefers a gentler styling cream or gel.In terms of pricing we think the current price of £9.60 is very reasonable, but the RRP of £15 is a bit dear.

  3. A. Williams

    This was a bit scary when I opened it, the colour was black, once you rub through your hands it goes clear, it seemed to be very malleable when I put through my hair, my hair needs something to stop it being fly away, it seem to be ok by after a while it felt heavy and clumpy, it did keep my hair in place but I didn’t like the heavy clumpy feel on my head, and it wasn’t very good for washing out, took two washes to get my hair clean. The price was very expensive for what it does, I just didn’t like the heavy feeling, may be ok now and again in strong winds but I would prefer a lighter feeling product.

  4. Mandynolan

    A nice pomade that smells nice…It looks black when you open the pot but is actually clear in a black pot!It’s good at what it does it softens the curl and gives nice shine to the hair..It doesn’t make the hair feel sticky or heavy…

  5. Juliac

    My son really likes American Crew products. He has quite thick hair and it works for him by just applying a very small amount at a time to get the style he wants and it lasts all day. It smells nice but not too strong, and one tub really does last a long time. Another good American Crew product.

  6. Discerning Shopper

    This is ‘OK’. I’ve tried most of American Crew’s range now and this is not at the top of my list. I prefer the forming cream and also the styling cream, among others.This product is not quite doing what I want it to. I don’t like to use too much product (which is possibly the problem). I think if you’re trying to do something severe like spiking your hair upwards then lots of this product would work. But for a more natural, styled look, this isn’t a particularly suitable product.

  7. Spring In My Step

    The clue is in the name, heavy hold pomade. This is a heavy hold product, it makes hair feel heavily coated in a slightly greasy, waxy product.It is best on thick curly hair where it really defines curls and keeps them under control, it doesn’t dry out as time wears on so keeps the curls defined rather than frizzy with fly aways, right until being washed out.It takes two shampoos with a good quality product to remove this entirely.

  8. Rob S

    A good styling gel which is fairly thick, its ideal for a thick head of hair, it has a nice consistency and I do like the smell.It wouldn’t be my choice of gel, my hairs a little short and thin for the thicker gel, this doesn’t mean its a bad product.It washed out fine, did think it was necessary to wash hair twice etc.I do think its a good product I would be happy using this if my hair was thick etc, my only grumbled would be price.

  9. Andy Moore

    This was very sticky with a black consistency. You only need a very small amount. But goes a long way. Making the hair stand just where you want it. I would only give this product 3 out of 5. As you have to wash the hair every time you wear this product. I think the younger generation would love this product.

  10. The Fault

    An impressive hair product that provides a very good hold that lasts the day. The packaging states high shine which I was concerned would translate into ‘greasy look’ but this is not the case – it provides a healthy shine but nothing too excessive. The product is very easy to apply, holds well and washes out easily in the shower. I use it with a small amount of the American Crew firm hold styling cream just to provide a bit extra firmness to the hold and add some additional texture to the hair and find the two products work very well together for the style I want to achieve. Would use this product again.

  11. Historiana

    This is noticeable when it’s in the hair, I think if you used a lot it would be very Brylcreem Boys but by using just a little you can get a sleek effect without it looking vintage 1940s RAF! Nice to the touch, not sticky or greasy at all. If you have straight hair then you could get some interesting styles, with curly hair it is a little trickier and you obviously need to use more to get the same effect.

  12. Nunya

    Got this as a trial – usually use the normal hold – if you want a strong one, this is great. I’ll keep one of both though.

  13. L&T

    This is an excellent pomade for thick medium/short hair. I have previously used Black & White which tends to clump and is quite sticky. This pomade is great at smoothing and gives a good hold with a small amount while still feeling light.The 1-star reviewers clearly don’t know what pomade is intended for.

  14. George

    I have quite thick hair, so this worked very well for me, and held it as I wanted. However, I’ve noticed that after about 3 weeks the pomade gets very sticky with a strange consistency, and turns white when I rub it in my hands and then onto my hair. Does anyone know why this may be? This only happens after about a few weeks

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