American Crew Tech Series Control Foam 200ml

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American Crew Tech Series Control Foam 200ml by American Crew

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American Crew Tech Series Control Foam 200ml

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17 reviews for American Crew Tech Series Control Foam 200ml

  1. Jmb1779

    We tested this on a friend, who has kind of a lion’s mane thick hair and who doesn’t need much product to place the hair in a deliberately “naturally tousled” style.For his hair type, this mousse worked well as it kept the hair in control without showing any sign of the product having been applied.He sprayed out a bit in the hand, left it to foam up, and he could work it into the hair easily with his fingers.The scent is pleasant and citric and not overpowering.

  2. Mr Bigsby

    Works a treat. I have fine hair and this American Crew foam enables me to keep the particular style I like without too much fuss. I just apply it after towel drying and comb it in then blow dry as required. Its not sticky or greasy and doesn’t have any particular fragrance to it. It holds my hair nicely in place even in a bit of a breeze. I’ll certainly be using it again.

  3. Ken

    A mouse which is very strong hold

  4. Roroblusmum

    My 26yo son spends ages on his hair in the mornings, and there’s often leftover blobs of stuff everywhere, wasted, and evidence of gunk left in his comb. He’s even had to start using build-up remover shampoos to get rid of excess product. He’s tried gel, wax, clay and hairspray, but hadn’t tried a mousse, thinking that they’re mainly for females with curly hair, so he wasn’t expecting much, but this has turned out to have excellent hold.The mousse is absorbed quickly and easily and is already starting to dry by the time that you try to run your fingers or a comb through your hair, and there’s only the faintest bit of stickiness. It needs minimum styling and dries ROCK SOLID and holds incredibly well without any sign of flaking, even if you accidentally touch or rub your hair. There’s a slight orange/bergamot scent to this but nothing overpowering and nothing that lasts beyond it drying out, but my son was happy that it didn’t smell floral like most mousses. 8 hours later he washed it out with a regular men’s shampoo, and his hair came out squeaky clean.This product doesn’t ‘whoosh’ out of the can, but sort of drizzles out slow enough that you can control how much you need. It is very watery when it lands in your hand, but even a pool the size of a one-pence piece then swells to about 3 times the amount within seconds, so very little is needed.This would be a 5* product had the can been a bit bigger for the price – I can see my son buying this, as he has with other American Crew products that he’s tested, but personally I think they’re the tiniest bit overpriced for what they are.

  5. Chris

    My tester really liked this. It’s an easily applied mousse and can be applied to both damp and dry hair, and can be blown dry. It has a pleasant, light scent. It has excellent hold and keeps hair sharp throughout the day. It also gives the hair a great shine which is a bonus on fine hair, making it plump and natural-looking and not at all greasy. It really works and is reasonably priced for a good quality treatment. It is also attractively packaged and looks good on the shelf.

  6. Beanie Luck

    Really great product.It is a lightweight mousse that you apply to your hair, brush your hair into style and you are done.What i like about it is that it doesnt give you a wet look, doesnt make your hair look greasy and keeps a natural hold all day.

  7. The Fault

    I’ve been very impressed with other American Crew products but this controlling foam is a bit of a let down in comparison. I’m not keen on the minty scent and the hold isn’t great and rubs out easily. Then again it is meant to provide control rather than a firm hold so probably best suited to long hair. I like a firmer hold from my hair products and this foam is far too light to achieve that but because it is such a light application and doesn’t gunk up the hair it could even be used to help tame a wild looking beard – something I’ve tried with fairly good results.

  8. Mandynolan

    This smelt nice and gave good control.It was good when blow drying the hair.It want sticky and the hair felt like it had good hold.

  9. William Hodgson

    For a wet look hairstyle. Smelt amazing, nice and manly. Not too strong of a hold but held pretty well throughout the day. Would work better on longer hairstyles.

  10. Nwe

    This is a light foam which offers great hold for your hair. The bottle is bigger than I expected, and the pump dispenser is easy to control.It’s quite sticky in your hand when applied but once in the hair it manages to be both light but offer good hold, it doesn’t firm up like gel or wax and is easy to apply. I’m not a fan of the scent, it’s quite bitter and not to my taste but having said that the scent doesn’t last long

  11. Purpleheart

    I have been very impressed with orange of American Crew products, which are generally very effective and look and smell great.The control foam is a mousse which can be used on both freshly washed and dry hair. We found it worked well if used before blow drying and it kept shortish, fine hair in place all day.

  12. Seagull

    I quite like this. I’ve been applying it after a towel dry to my hair. It’s got a striped nozzle for the foam to come out and it gives a fairly light hold which suits my hair well. The scent is a bit stronger than I would have preferred but it’s quite nice – perhaps a hint of mint? You get a generous 200ml container although I do find an application doesn’t last the whole day. At around a tenner it’s not the cheapest but I’m quite happy with it. If you’re looking for something firmer I’d maybe try something else in the American Crew range.

  13. Cosmos

    This styling foam allows you to shape and manipulate your hair well whilst still adding flexibility to your style. Adds an extra shine to your hair too and keeps your style in place. It smells pretty good and washes out well. Another good product from American Crew.

  14. Writeallthereviews

    Brilliant product line. Recommended and used by my hair stylist. Good control and quality styling; a pleasing scent. Doesn’t cause clumping or increased greasiness on the scalp. Easy to wash out. Recommended.

  15. Toast

    I have fairly thin hair that sticks up unless I apply some product in it in the morning. Most gels and sprays I have used so far have left my hair either greasy or too stiff. This is really light product but gives sufficient hold. Pleasant smell too.

  16. Pacem Et Amorem

    I’ve been lucky enough to try other American Crew products but was a little disappointed by this one. The fragrance is a little strange – I think it’s meant to be citrus – and the hold isn’t brilliant. I think I need a firmer hold product than this. It comes out watery, firms up into a foam and is sticky in the hand but then applies and spreads well through the hair. It doesn’t hold for long though but at least it is easy to wash out of your hair!

  17. R. Palmer

    This is a mousse, rather than a gel or a wax and not something I’ve really used before.It’s not one I’d use normally, however, I have found it useful when my hair is a bit longer. It’s slightly watery when you squeeze it out, but it’s easy to put through your hair, particularly if it’s longer.The hold is good and certainly useful if you want to have a fairly natural and not overly stiff look for your hair.It is pretty expensive, but has lasted well. Is pretty good value in the end.

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