American Crew Tech Series Texture Foam 200ml

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American Crew Tech Series Texture Foam 200ml by American Crew

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American Crew Tech Series Texture Foam 200ml by American Crew

If the image doesnt look right dont worry, you will receive the item specified in the title

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20 reviews for American Crew Tech Series Texture Foam 200ml

  1. Steve Finnerty

    This is a rather expensive hair foam/mousse that is easy to apply and has a rather pleasant musky/citrus smell which I found to my liking and not too overpowering.It is supplied as a compact aerosol with a wide dispenser, you do not need much as it expands quickly so it should last a while. You spray it on your hand and style your hair which can be wet or dry. Overall I got good results for this especially using a hair dryer after to blow dry my hair into shape. It is only a medium hold but worked well with my medium length hair that is rather fine anyway but may struggle with thick hair

  2. Jj

    I’ve never used a foam before so wasn’t sure what to expect. First try on damp hair I may have used too much as my hair went stiff as a board.I have the hang of it now. The mousse gives a good hold which lasts all day. My hair looks quite natural. The scent is subtle and pleasant enough.I’ve used ManCave before so I know it is good stuff.

  3. Bookworm8

    This foam is ideal for taming flyaway, unruly hair. It works well on coloured hair too. It has almost no scent, is easy to use and you don’t need much so it’s quite economical. It washes out easily. The only reason I give it four stars instead of five is that it does make hair look rather Matt and not shiny.

  4. Chappers

    This is my first encounter with the American Crew brand, and so far it has been a good experience. The first impression is a nice well-made and practical dispenser which puts out the foam in a fairly measured and controlled way. You apply it as you would any other foam or mousse. It has a really nice musky scent, quite spiced but not in any way inoffensive and a nice change from the often overly sweet or ‘aquatic’ scented products from some of the more mainstream brands.What we liked about this product is that it seemed to go about its business without fuss, holding without being stiff or overly rigid, and not being sticky or leaving any residue. I could imagine it would probably struggle on longer-length hair, but for short and medium-length hair that needs to be kept in a fairly manageable and not outlandish shape, these has so far proven to be a durable and fairly long-lasting product.So far so good.

  5. Roroblusmum

    My son has a short back and sides, with long strands on top and the ‘comb over’ part has to be perfect, but he’s struggled with which products to use to get his hair to lie flat in a lasting hold that doesn’t look unnatural. There’s been a lot of trial and error and a lot of money spent/wasted.He tried the Control Foam in this range, and it was practically perfect. A little went a long way and lasted over 8 hours until he washed it out (it likely would have lasted a lot more, as when he’s teaching, he has 17-18 hour days), and there was no residue. He’s therefore not had to use a special build-up shampoo that’s expensive and hard to find.I’m mentioning the above, as I can’t see any difference between this product and the other – they smell the same (orange-bergamot, I think), feel the same and have the same effect on his hairstyle. The only noticeable difference is that the other has a nozzle like on a can of squirty cream, and this has a nozzle that looks a bit like an ice scraper, so the product comes out flattened and a bit more foamy, i.e. a bit denser in its consistency, but there is honestly no difference to how this goes on. I think the dispenser is called a diffuser?With this product, there may well be more waste, as too much comes out, even on the tiniest application of pressure in order to dispense. With the other, because it’s really liquid, it drops and you can control the amount, which then foams to about 3 times the original amount dispensed. This foams to about double what comes out, so you’d likely need a bit more of what’s a more expensive product.My son’s gone out for a boy’s night in strong winds, but his hair is rock solid and isn’t budging. For the purposes of this review and the other, I was permitted to touch his hair – it is a little stiff, but it’s not brittle and crisp like gel can go, and there’s no bounciness to it. There’s no ‘feathering’ and no white powder finish, and no clumping to be seen. All he did was apply and run a comb through, and there’s no real residue on the comb.I know he’s already sold on the brand with just these 2 products, though he previously tried some others and could have taken them or left them. It is a good product, but tbh, I think it’s the same as the Control Foam, but this is about two pounds more expensive than the other, for the same amount of product.Update – his hair held in the wind and rain, so he was very impressed.

  6. Uncle Barbar

    This works as a regular styling mousse – although I notice it has moisturising ingredients in it such as castor oil, keratin amino acids and dimethicone. (The stuff that’s in hair conditioner.). The canister contains 200 mL.It works well and has a refreshing scent of peppermint. It’s quite strong – so may be one to avoid if you dislike the scent of peppermint.

  7. Spring In My Step

    A light foam which offers light to medium hold when dry and easy styling when wet.The light citrus scented foam coated the hair well and made it very easy to style either with just a brush/comb or even with heat.The foam dried to leave an invisible layer on the hair, this was light and whilst it held the style allowed some movement rather than creating a helmet hair look.The hold is light to medium, it will keep your hair in the style you formed when it was wet but it is not invincible, hats, wind and ruffling your hair will knock it out of style, but as it creates a sort of style memory on the hair you can recreate your look without the need for additional styling products.This seems to work best on short to medium length hair.

  8. Juliac

    This is quite a good styling mousse for men. It has a citrusy snell but it’s not too strong. You don’t need much to get your style in place, do it should last. Also it doesn’t dry hair out at all like some other mousses. Slightly expensive but good quality

  9. Russtafarian

    I’ve used a couple of American Crew product sin the past, mainly Fiber for when I had shorter hair. Now it’s longer i tend to use a pomade (by a different brand) and occasionally another mousse. Having seen this for review I thought I’d give it a go… The foam isn’t all that great on my longer hair – the hold isn’t strong but that’s also (as the name suggests) because it allows for texturing ( and a bit of restyling). It’ll be better on shorter hair styles, for sure. If i apply it liberally I find the hold goes away after a few hours… and I’ve tried ‘too much’ in a deliberate manner and ended up with crunchy hair. So with that, I’ve opted to use it liberally an then apply a dash of hairspray afterwards for more hold (and a little less crunch). Also, if you’re a fan of mint fragrances, then you’ll like this product that’s exactly what smells of. I don’t love it myself.

  10. Dr. Paul Ell

    This hair foam is easy to apply to towel-dry hair and has a great citrus spell – a scent I particularly like. I guess it has a moderate to light hold and it isn’t especially obvious that you’ve applied any hair product. There’s no residue or clumping of hair together.The dispenser provides a generous amount of the product on to your hands quickly and efficiently. The only criticism I have is that with most American Crew products they are a little costly compared to other brands.Four stars

  11. Jmb1779

    My sister’s bf has helped review this one. He has short (about 5-6 cm) straight hair that needs a little texture boost to not fall flat and he liked this foam as it is a nice product for shaping and buffing up the hair a bit.The scent is pleasant, but not overpowering and the foam is easy to work with and less messy and greasy than some gels.He likes it.

  12. Rob S

    A good styling moose which has a nice consistency and I do like the smell.Using it did make me thin this as a stand out product up and above every other moose I’ve used, its very good but not a ground breaking moose.I use it regular on my short hair and it last pretty much the day, doesn’t feel horrid n my hair, and also leaves the hair with a natural look.I very happy using this, my only grumbled would be price, its very good, but you’ll probably find as good at half the price.

  13. Franc

    Light to medium hold mousse, I’ve never used it before so a bit of experimentation was in order. I quickly realised that it was best to be a bit stingy with it as a little went a long way. Once dried it didn’t make your hair feel ‘covered’ in gunk. It lasted a full days’ work and brushed out easily. I liked this foam mousse and will probably get it again.

  14. Seagull

    This comes in a fairly large 200ml tin. It has a weird flat edge nozzle which gives a wider dispensing of the product. I’ve been applying it after I’ve towel dried my hair and it works well for the light to medium hold that I ideally look for that lasts well throughout the day. It doesn’t have that soapy trap smell that some gel products have but instead it’s quite a pleasant citrus scent that I quite liked.

  15. Metacritic

    A hair styling mousse designed for men. A small 200ml canister which dispenses a medium hold mousse with a nice fragrance. My hair tends to dry immediately after washing this adds back moisture to make my hair feel less dry shinier and more manageable. It is a little expensive compared to other hair products I buy but it is effective.

  16. Cosmos

    This styling foam allows you to shape and manipulate your hair well whilst still adding flexibility to your style. Adds an extra shine to your hair too and keeps your style in place. It smells pretty good and washes out well. Another good product from American Crew.

  17. Keris Nine

    Like the other American Crew products I have used, this is a good quality product that works well, exactly as it advertises. The texture foam can be applied similar to any other styling foam/mousse. It is easy to apply to hair, isn’t sticky at all and leaves no residue on the hair.To achieve good results in terms of volume and styling, I followed the instructions to apply to towel dried hair from roots down and then blow dryed to give both lift and shape to my hair. The foam gives a natural medium hold, so hair doesn’t look product heavy or stiff but has movement and flexibility. It’s good. You won’t go wrong with this.

  18. Alison

    My husband uses a variety of different American Crew products and rates them highly. This foam is another quality product that gives consistent results. It is easy to apply through the hair and gives good texture and moderate hold for this short style. He would buy it again. American Crew are not the cheapest but they are good quality and you get what you pay for.

  19. Andy Moore

    This was brilliant for keeping my hair in one place throughout the day. It wasn’t affected by anything and didn’t make your hair look greasy. The only problem I found was that it became quite liquidy and not foamy towards the final quarter of the can.

  20. Sarah Durston

    I gave this to my husband to try onhis short spiky hair. He’s reported back that it applies evenly and that he likes the smell (a bit like a subtle aftershave smell). It’s holds and lasts well. We’ve deducted a star because it can leave the hair a bit sticky.

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