Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret 200ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

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Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret 200ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray by Antonio Banderas

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Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret 200ml EDT Spray

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25 reviews for Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret 200ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

  1. J. S. Cruickshank

    This Eau de toilette is so different to anything on the market at present, can only be bought on perfumesoflondon as it is not available in any of the high street stores.Highly recommend.

  2. Charles

    Smells nice

  3. Ellen Dyer

    Smells just like Paco Rabane 1 million, absolutely lovely!

  4. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    A****** thankyou

  5. Jozy


  6. James Wilkinson

    Nice scent, though not as long lasting as you might like, takes a few sprays to get to a level you can enjoy it / smell it at all.

  7. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    Thank you.

  8. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    Great prompt service as usual. No problems at all

  9. Martin Paul

    The product is excellent, the combination of fragrances suit me perfectly.

  10. Piratequeen

    This is my partner’s scent (so hands off, everybody… just kidding! 😉 ), and it probably tells you all about how much we both love it if I say “it’s my partner’s scent”. There are few scents I could obsess about as much as I do about this one… L’Occitane’s Baux is the closest otherwise, and to be honest, they are very much alike. Bruno Banani’s Magic Man has a similar tone as well.So, where to start? We have been shopping for a new scent for a while, and yes, it is difficult to find a good scent, no matter who you are, what age you are and what gender or sexual orientation you are. Add to that things like sensitive skin or migraines and you have a hell of a combination.While I cannot speak for others, as everybody’s different when it comes to sensitivities (seriously – shop for scent on a bad day, so that you can DEFINITELY tell you hate it, before you spend what is sometimes a fortune for a scent you can’t wear; also, always, always, always test for a few days first… if you have to walk into the same shop to spray your wrist once like a weird fetishist and then leave, so be it – but this will likely tell you if you are to expect a burning rash at all or not!), this perfume rocks, as it doesn’t in any way irritate, and we’re tough customers to please.My partner has worn this scent now for over a year… might be nearing two, I think. It is THE scent, and it’s making finding anything to measure up to it pretty difficult. It is amazing – warm, but not overtly sweet, with a slightly cool undertone, but not cold, spicy and exotic with that leather tone in there that, when mixed with my partner’s body’s scent, simply makes my knees weak. I’m not joking – we have used it in bed as a turn-on.As an avid horse rider (we’re talking tough terrains stuff, not a girly prance about for fifteen minutes indoors!), and if I use my poetic imagination, I would describe the scent thus – it is what you would get from a gentleman who has a devilish side to him, slightly dark perhaps (think a Byronic hero?), after a long ride through summer woods, when you got caught in a light summer storm towards the evening and have perhaps decided to weather it out somewhere dry. Which should inevitably lead you to a steamy scene (it definitely does me).To me, this is pure distilled sexual intoxication. It is sophisticated, meaning that it does not demean the intelligence and capability of you as a person – you know, you’re not a caveman! – while joined with an almost elegant touch of primal and masculine.To finish with, before I write a novel – this is a scent for a man who can look as good in a tux or a suit as he can outdoors. And ladies – a woman can wear it well. Trust me on this one. If you are gay, trans or gender fluid, you should definitely consider this scent (or, if you are buying for a partner who is, do!). My only fear?That one day, Antonio Banderas decides to do something else instead….But until then, I shall be lost in my fantasy. It is actually that good.

  11. Patflaherty


  12. Brian Welsh

    great bargain and smell

  13. J. S. Cruickshank

    Have bought this on numerous occasions, great eau de toilette, super price and perfume

  14. Yamil Cuedo Ferrera

    Good one thanks

  15. Retromegahero

    Like paco rabanne million made love to lolita lempicka and Hugo boss. A very nice warm and masculine fragrance made by the same perfumer as million. Good projection but wears off after a couple of hours but it’s a 200mlbottle so spray away. The ladies love this. Totally worth the cheap price.

  16. Condrea F.

    Smeels as the original one . The smeel does not stay so much on the clothes. Good value for money

  17. Jemosi

    Not too bad

  18. Victoria Sousa

    I love the smell this perfume, I bought for my boyfriend and he loves it

  19. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    This is a nice every day Eau de toilet for men.

  20. Mrs. Me Mills

    Love it

  21. L

    100% original

  22. J C Gloria

    Love this perfume, is cheap for it’s size and has long lasting effect

  23. Cathy H.

    Value for money

  24. Nicolaniknak

    Bf gets complimented all the time. Good scent!

  25. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    what can you buy the man who wants nothing!.. he loves this

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