Beyonce Heat Seduction 30ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

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Beyonce Heat Seduction 30ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray by Beyonce

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Beyonce Heat Seduction 30ml EDT Spray

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17 reviews for Beyonce Heat Seduction 30ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

  1. K I R Y U

    This comes well presented in it’s black and gold box and the bottle is quite attractive too – it wouldn’t look out of place on most dressing tables. The fragrance has more of a daytime floral smell than a night time “seductive” aroma that the name implies however it is far from unpleasant and would suit women of most ages hence the four stars.

  2. Sarah (Feeling Fictional)

    I love the light floral scent of this perfume, it’s perfect for daytime wear especially in the summer and I’ve had more than one compliment when wearing it. The bottle is attractive and looks nice on the shelf alongside all my other perfumes. It’s hard to choose a perfume online because they always smell different on every person that wears them, for instance I love the smell when I put it on but it didn’t suit my mum at all (even though she wanted to try it because she thought I smelt so nice!).My main negative is that the scent doesn’t last very long, if you’re lucky it’s noticeable for a couple of hours but it’s certainly not a perfume you can put on in the morning and still smell at lunch time. Considering the description describes this as “Long Lasting” I’m a bit disappointed with that but I still like the scent enough that I’ll buy it again when I reach the end of the bottle!

  3. J. Mcdonald

    This review has been written by my glamorous assistant L, who kindly consented to try this product out.This is what she has to say…Beyonce Heat Seduction – another celebrity perfume hits the market.The simplicity and colour choice of the box design makes it instantly eye catching – a black box with the letter ‘B’ for Beyonce in gold embossed on 3 sides. The front label reverses the colours, black lettering in an attractive type, ‘Beyonce Heat Seduction’ on a gold label. The gold label however, is far too big and sits uncomfortably on the front face. Design-wise Armani/Prive rose D’arabie pulls it off much better. (considerably more expensive though, google it). Only other comment on the packaging if I’m being really exacting is that I would have preferred the box to have been made of a slightly heavier card.I have worn the perfume continuously all week now to get a feel for it and the verdict is good.The overall scent is floral with definite top notes of vanilla.I’m not usually a fan of vanilla scented perfumes finding them too sweet but this ‘sweetness’ is subtle and not overstated – wherein lies its selling point. Heat seduction is intergenerational and will have broad appeal. Any sweeter and I would confine it to a solely ‘youthful’ market but the makers have got the balance just right and now both myself and my 21 year old daughter are fighting over it.This is definitely a woman’s perfume – sophisticated, subtle yet strong, seductive. Heat Seduction – suggests a hot steamy encounter with a stranger.On the less positive side, it doesn’t hold its scent for as long as I would like, perhaps no surprise since its an eau du toilette rather than a full perfume.The bottle is an unusual shape, almost reminiscent of the Eiffel tower. (The less romantic amongst us however might reflect the last time they saw a bottle that shape was when they were reaching for the vinegar at the local chippy).Overall, a floral scent with hints of vanilla; a perfume with broad appeal, sophisticated, subtle yet strong and a welcome addition to any woman’s handbag. Would definitely consider buying for myself or my 21 year old daughter.My thanks to L. for her detailed assessment.

  4. Roman Clodia

    This is quite punchy on application but it settled down on my skin to a softer floral, more wearable that I had first expected. It lasts reasonably well for an eau de toilette formulation and makes the transition from day to night. The bottle is a bit flashy for my taste but the fragrance is nice: not too sweet, not overpowering but with more depth than a single-note floral. Feminine and warm without being brash.

  5. Eugene Onegin

    Tastes in perfumes are such a personal thing, but there are some general observations which can be made about this latest fragrance by Beyonce. In terms of the packaging the box is simple and classy in black and gold. The bottle is traditional rather than modern in design, but will look well on a dressing table. So far,so good. However, the scent itself does not seem to me to be anywhere near as complex as the promotional blurb suggests. The overwhelming fragrance is sweetness contained within a light flowery blend of aromas which are not unpleasant but lack the distinctive notes of amber and orchid which are supposedly the keynote elements. The other negative is this is certainly not a long lasting eau de toilette-I sprayed at lunchtime and within 2-3 hours the scent was completely gone. Hence if you are looking for a deep and intense fragrance for an evening out say, you will have to look elsewhere.The cost will be key with this product and I think most potential customers will be expecting this to be priced quite low to tempt them to part with their cash.

  6. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    This is quote an intense smell from Beyonce’s range and if you are a fan of more floral or fruity scents, this is not for you. When first sprayed, it did seem quite fruity but as it developed,I found the background smells came to the forefront and it became a much deeper warmer smell. More of an evening scent than daywear but was lovely

  7. M. Dowden

    Created and crafted by COTY, one of the big names in scents and other related products, who already give us such things as the Cerruti, Davidoff and Calvin Klein fragrances amongst many others, this scent is from the Beyoncé range. Coming in a quite posh looking box, and novel bottle I initially saw the name and immediately thought of this as a younger woman’s perfume, but we have been trying it out here on different ages, including my mum, and all the women have been more than satisfied.With top notes of exotic island spice cocktail, mandarin and dewberry this is followed by mid notes of gingerlilly, African jungle trail orchid and freesia. At the base of this the notes are golden amber, musk and natural labdanum. All of these notes come together and make something that is exotic and distinctive, with a slight floral accent. This has proved to be quite long lasting, and is thus ideal for work or an evening out, and the scent does catch the notice of others.Although as I mentioned I thought of this as more for the younger market, it must be admitted that because of the spiciness and musk elements here along with other notes this does have a scent that should really be okay for women of any age, so it is worth considering for a range of ages, from whether you are buying a present for a daughter, your wife or mother, or if you are a woman, just for yourself.This does have a sensual and powerful enough aroma to attract the attention of others, and I am sure will go down well in any woman’s seduction arsenal. One thing to remember though is that not all perfumes act in the same way on all people, so for some the floral notes won’t be as strong as on others, but I did found here that with everyone who applied this (and I even had a quick spray on myself) the heavier basal notes do seem to stand out.This won’t get you singing and dancing like Beyoncé (I know, I have tried) but it will get you noticed. I have personally always been a bit dubious with regards to having celebrity names on products like this, but in this case if the lady herself had anything to do with the creation of the scent, then she has done herself proud.

  8. Alison Towers

    Nice packaging. Bit big for 50ml quantity, trying to make it look it is a bigger bottle containing far more than it is. Pleasant floral with sweet fruity tones with very slight undertones of a more musky, sophisticated perfume. I wouldn’t call it a seductive perfume, but a decent everyday perfume for older career women, and maybe a special occasion treat for the younger generation. A better example of a sophisticated seductive perfume is Opium, or even the tried and true classic Chanel 5 would come closer to that particular mark. This just doesn’t have that deep haunting sort of vibe, or in terms of basic quality, the silage, meaning the trail it leaves behind as you pass by. Neither does it last that long as it needs to be reapplied after an hour or two. Pleasant, but the essential practical quality is absent, although the price tag is equal to many far better formulated perfumes. I have no idea why they call it Heat Seduction as that description is the last that springs to mind. I might have worn this to work, or a casual sort of outing, but not for anything like a romantic date or formal and sophisticated occasion. And to be honest, the sort of occasions I would wear it for are well catered for with my old fall back of Chloe Narcisse that I habitually wore to work, rather than my collection of expensive perfumes for more formal events. I wouldn’t actually go out and voluntarily buy it, or ask for it as a gift, instead of one of the many alternatives available. I would maybe, at a pinch, buy it as a present for a young relative who is a fan of Beyonce and would best suit a light floral perfume that isnt overwhelming.

  9. The Wolf

    I understand ‘Seduction’ to be the fifth amendment to Mrs Knowles-Carter’s ‘Heat’collection. I am unfamiliar with its predecessors and was not sure what to expect.As it turns out the fragrance does not reflect the blingyness (blinginess?) of itsillustrious progenitor. It is a well-built thing; a warm floral with a soft hint of musk(I’d have been happy if its creator has been a tad more daring and given it a bitmore of a feral edge but hey ho!) at its heart. The structure holds remarkably wellright through to the “dry down” which takes on a more masculine aspect and remindsme a bit of Christopher Sheldrake’s wonderful ‘Chergui’ (for Serge Lutens) who employedhay absolute to effect a wonderfully rich herbaceous finish. Other pluses include itsrelatively sedate radiance and surprising longevity. The bottle is pretty; its box feeble.Mrs Wolf likes it (so, unusually, did Tigs the cat, who showed uncharacteristic curiosity)and I do too. Given a little imagination I think it would work equally well as a “masculine”.Good work (whoever put it together)!

  10. Ratstails

    First impressions are that the bottle is a very pretty yellow/gold. The scent begins with a citrus fruit, then floral, but for me the amber dominates. I smell a lasting vanilla/amber scent. This is great daily summer accessory, although it does need replenishing frequently. I am above the target market age, but I feel that this is quite a sophisticated and versitile scent that it would appeal to 20 to 40 somethings looking for an alternative to citrus or floral notes.

  11. Darren Simons

    With perfume it really is a case of individual choice, but what is surprising about this offering is that you would have expected the target age range to be 20-30, but it is much wider… I would say 25-50. There are scents of vanilla among others in this, and my wife likes it. Only negative is it seems to be more for an evening than the day, as the scent does not last that long.

  12. H Turner

    The perfume smells so lovely not strong just nice and simple but the wording Heat Seduction is too strong for the perfume but then again not my choice. But the perfume smells really really nice like vanilla mix with honey. Very nice indeed.

  13. Gloriana

    Not as good as the red ones but nevertheless pleasant

  14. Shaun

    Good delivery nice product the wife loves it

  15. Joshua&Merly

    lovely smell

  16. Janet

    Very pleasant perfume

  17. Perfumesoflondon Customer


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