Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

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Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml EDP Spray by Beyonce

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Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml EDP Spray

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19 reviews for Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

  1. Book Addict

    The fragrance is well described on the product page; a blend of floral and woodsy, with a little more emphasis on the woodsy. It is a distinctive scent, but not pungent or overpowering. I like it a lot, plus the staying power is pretty good.I also liked the unfussy packaging, the ‘genie’ type feel to the bottle due to its shape and the blue hue at the base and around the top of the lid which gives a little more impact than if the bottle had been clear glass throughout.The shape of the bottle is nice to look at, but rather uncomfortable to hold with one hand to administer a quick squirt. The lid also isn’t particularly secure. Although it appears to fix firmly, every time I have removed this bottle from my bag it has been minus the lid. Those gripes aside, perfume is all about the smell and “Heat Shimmer” is a fragrance I find very appealing. 4½ stars

  2. Sheila Camp

    I’m not one for buying perfume by a ‘celebrity’ but when the chance came to ty this I thought “why not”. I do like it but don’t love it not like the ones I usually buy – Paloma Picasso, Issey Miyake, Hugo Boss.You don’t need much on and the smell stays with you all day. I’ve had loads ol good comments.I would have liked to have seen a taller bottle with a smaller base – it just sits on my shelf.If you are giving this as a gift, the box it comes in is also blue and looks very nice.

  3. Steve Finnerty

    This is supplied in a simple branded box and is an attractive aqua blue glass bottle. The bottle is quite heavy for the size and feels like a solid premium product with a built-in atomiser at the top. This is a review of the 100ml bottle.I am not a huge fan of celebrity perfumes but this smells very nice with a combination of musky and floral tones which makes it smell feminine but without being too sweet or flowery. It lasts well and is still discernable after a day without being too strong when initially applied. While not cheap the 100ml bottle is good value and will last a long time even if you use it every day. Overall much better than expected.

  4. A. I. Mcculloch

    Gorgeous, in a word. This is less floral than I expected, an initial sweetness quickly changed to a slightly smoky, woody vetiver-type scent, with floral undertones, which is really appealing.I normally steer clear of celebrity perfumes, but this one is definitely in a different league. It’s a classy, stylish perfume that I would be happy to have as my hallmark scent.It’s a very suitable scent for autumn, the ‘heat shimmer’ is perhaps the heat shimmer of autumn bonfires. It’s also long-lasting, applied to pulse points early in the evening, the scent was still distinct and recognisable five hours later. I’d be happy to wear this through the day and into the evening. The presentation wasn’t overpackaged, the glass bottle with plastic top is in a very stylish box, but it is quite thin cardboard, with nothing to protect the bottle inside. That’s a plus point from the environmentally friendly point of view, but perhaps something to be aware of. My box was cellophane-wrapped and did arrive in pristine condition.If you find standard vetiver perfumes too heavy and smoky, but like woody scents with a hint of smoke, this is exactly what you are looking for.

  5. Bob Sherunkle

    Tried out by my wife, who was more impressed than she expected. (I liked it too, but predictably I haven’t much more to say than that.)“With some modern perfumes I never really know what age range they have in mind for them. However, I think this is definitely for the younger market (the branding is a major clue here).It is pleasant enough, very floral and slightly musky at the same time, which should appeal to more people. It lasts very well, and I can still smell it 5 hours later – the floral notes have faded but the musky ones are still there. Perfumes react differently to each person’s skin, so it is quite hard to gauge how it is going to smell on you; I suggest you try it out at a chemist and see for yourself, but it is a very pleasant fragrance to own.I like the look of the bottle, which is a lovely blue colour. On a more practical note, it is slightly off balance; the bottom is narrower than just above it, and the bottle is quite tall. This means it does not fit in my bathroom cabinet, so I have to leave it on the top; I’m not keen on this, as I always try and keep perfume in the dark.The lid did not fit that well, and sometimes it was difficult to remove or replace it. This may have been due to a bad batch of bottles, not an inherent design fault.It sprays well, and as it lasts a long time on the skin you don’t need a respray (no pun intended) too often, so it should last for several months.”

  6. C. O’Brien

    I was very pleased with this perfume. It’s a subtle, woody scent which I really like, though it’s also very feminine and doesn’t recall aftershave like some scents in that bracket. I’m no expert on ingredients, but although there are florals in there I’d say vetivert comes across most strongly. It’s not too overpowering and would be just as suitable for wear at work as it is for the evening. The only slight drawback for me is that on my skin it doesn’t last quite as long as I’d expert for an eau de parfum, although that could be down to individual body chemistry.The packaging is attractive – it comes in a blue glass spray bottle which looks good on my dressing table and would certainly make an attractive present whether the recipient is a fan of Beyonce or not!

  7. N. Burgess

    There’s now so many of these celebrity perfumes it becomes difficult to tell them apart, but I must admit when my partner tried it she absolutely loved it. Personally, as a man, I really liked the sweetness of the scent, it’s all personal taste of course and some may find the sweet florals too much, but I think it gave the perfume quite an intoxicating femininity.You can also just about notice the scent’s subtle ‘woodiness’, though I’m not altogether sure I would have identified this if it weren’t for the fact that I knew beforehand it was there. Nonetheless, this did add another exotic layer that complemented the sweetness of the aroma very well.The bottle it comes in is also very stylish and has a certain ‘wow’ factor that you’d expect from a celebrity-branded perfume, adding to the classiness of the product and making this the ideal gift for that someone special.

  8. Planet G

    The perfume itself is quite good – a subtle blending of scents that doesn’t feel over crafted. 4 stars for that part. Problems are evident with the packaging though. The box that the perfume comes in doesn’t exude the classiness you might expect from a Beyoncé -endorsed product. But this might be a pre-production box so the final version could be better. The bottle itself looks amazing but unfortunately it’s impossible to pick up and use- the shape means it is launched out of your hand when you try to hold it. You have to place the bottle on a solid surface to use the aerosol dispenser. And the dispenser feels quite cheap too. My partner says: “ Beyoncé is much classier than this product is.” She was disappointed as her expectations weren’t met.

  9. Jacqui Rennie

    Great present xx

  10. Angela27

    My mate got me to buy this and order for her mother in law she said perfect and in great condition

  11. Kevin Wall

    Daughter loved it

  12. Risha

    Purchased for my nieces, serves the intended purpose

  13. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    Not bad

  14. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    This products came on time really happy. Bought it for my friend.

  15. Paul M.

    Wife loved it. Great price.

  16. Char

    Smells lovely

  17. Ana

    I didn’t like the smell that much

  18. Daniela Stanciu

    Good price

  19. Perfumesoflondon Customer


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