Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

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Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml EDP Spray by Beyonce

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Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml EDP Spray

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78 reviews for Beyonce Shimmering Heat 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

  1. Patricia Connolley

    As soon as I unwrapped this Coty produced, celebrityendorsed fragrance I could see that the beautiful decanter style bottle was adorable. I didnt really find the scent particularly to my taste though it was just too heavy and musky in my opinion.The price is spot on. It would make an ideal present if tested on the wrist beforehand.

  2. Shaheen Karim

    Being a stickler for the old favourites I seldom buy perfumes endorsed by Celebrities, I normally like the headier ones like Arpege, Samsara and Ted Bakers Langley thats become a newer choice for daytime. I always go for EDP for its lasting ability and sillage, my recollection of Coty is the little black bottle containing cream perfume that was extremely sweet, thankfully this is much more up to dateBeyonce Heat Shimmer has a fresh, light and uplifting fragrance. It does indeed come in a very pretty blue glass bottle that will sit nicely on any dressing table though for long lasting quality I keep all scents boxed and in a cooler place like a wardrobe shelf. An all over spritz in the morning will linger on clothing and the skin for a few hours, no real need to reapply unless you are going out in the evening. In my opinion this is a daytime fragrance and could even be unisex,according to my son and a friend. The packaging and generous 100ml size would make it a very nice gift also the fragrance is not in any way cloying. I wouldnt say this will be a classic but I do like it and if youre trying to please a fan of Beyonce this should buy you lots of Brownie points.Nice all rounder well presented and lasts well.

  3. Lisa Woolridge (verified owner)

    Un regaln

  4. Barry Stevenson (verified owner)

    Tried out by my wife, who was more impressed than she expected. I liked it too, but predictably I havent much more to say than that.With some modern perfumes I never really know what age range they have in mind for them. However, I think this is definitely for the younger market the branding is a major clue here.It is pleasant enough, very floral and slightly musky at the same time, which should appeal to more people. It lasts very well, and I can still smell it 5 hours later the floral notes have faded but the musky ones are still there. Perfumes react differently to each persons skin, so it is quite hard to gauge how it is going to smell on you I suggest you try it out at a chemist and see for yourself, but it is a very pleasant fragrance to own.I like the look of the bottle, which is a lovely blue colour. On a more practical note, it is slightly off balance the bottom is narrower than just above it, and the bottle is quite tall. This means it does not fit in my bathroom cabinet, so I have to leave it on the top Im not keen on this, as I always try and keep perfume in the dark.The lid did not fit that well, and sometimes it was difficult to remove or replace it. This may have been due to a bad batch of bottles, not an inherent design fault.It sprays well, and as it lasts a long time on the skin you dont need a respray no pun intended too often, so it should last for several months.

  5. Samantha King (verified owner)

    I didnt like the smell that much

  6. David Mortimer (verified owner)

    Ok but packaging damaged

  7. Nicholas Emson (verified owner)

    I am not really interested in celebrity fragrances but decided to give this a go.This will most likely be my last one too.The smell was just dull, I didnt hate it but I didnt like it either. It wasnt strong enough to last the day and I found if using in the morning, the smell had disappeared by lunch time.It is a nice looking bottle in a nice simple little box but unfortunately just not for me.

  8. Charlotte Stuart (verified owner)

    Just like how i remember back when i was in high school

  9. Gary Wood

    Not bad

  10. April Webster

    Wife loved it. Great price.

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