Bijan Men 75ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

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Bijan Men 75ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray by Bijan

If the image doesnt look right dont worry, you will receive the item specified in the title

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Bijan Men 75ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray by Bijan

If the image doesnt look right dont worry, you will receive the item specified in the title

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37 reviews for Bijan Men 75ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

  1. JLport

    Does not smell good. It smells like it is old but does not smell like the original scent. Disappointed.

  2. Wishing

    Not reccomended.

  3. Ladyfrog


  4. EMorton

    A little different

  5. Emily Couchman

    I been using Bijan since my childhood.. On an off.. Good perfume decent masculine smell

  6. Kerry Richardson

    A throw back to the eightys….still refreshing and still got it

  7. preacher

    Horrible smell.

  8. lennonbo

    I still had an old bottle that I used only every so often and when I got low I found this one. Comparing apples to apples it is not the same unique fragrance but, it is still unique and gets lots of positive comments. Unfortunately, I like the original better.

  9. Ruth Mitchell

    Era una compra a ciegas , es perfecta

  10. golfman

    Horrible smell.

  11. Robert A. Quick

    Husband loved it

  12. Katzbootz

    I havr bren ordering this product for years. Its my fathers favorite ..and every time he runs out i order more. Great service great packaging never any issue with seller or product

  13. george kennedy

    Bijan will always be a favourite of mine.

  14. Jenny Middleton

    good price

  15. PaulL

    I love the way it smell on my husband, and the price was very reasonable.

  16. Olive Oyl

    One of the most unusual, captivating, arousing and emotionally unsettling scents ever created for men. Indescribable, really. I have been using this cologne ever since it came out and during the past 10 years, it seemed that it had disappeared from all the usual retail venues – so, finally, I looked it up on Perfumes of London and, of course, found it. I am so content that it re-entered my life….. This scent is not for every man. Rather, it is for the man who is, by nature, different, for, it is truly as if it has displaced some sort of cosmic “dark-spot” and has taken its place… in full brilliance!

  17. Nikki Sixx

    I have been using this cologne for over 20 years. The last 3 bottles I ordered through Perfumes of London had bad nozzles. They don’t really deliver the usual spray. It’s more like a dribble. I will have to find a different way of ordering it in the future.

  18. CR

    Sprayer nozzle doesn’t work well

  19. Venkata

    One of the most unusual, captivating, arousing and …

  20. David Naylor

    Auténtica. Mucha duración en piel.No es para millenials ni para indecisos; sólo para hombres de verdad. Huele FUERTE a incienso, especias y queroseno. Si has visto la saga Crepúsculo, o tienes gato o te gusta el cine francés, esta no es para ti.

  21. Rebecca Hibberd

    Sehr angenehmer Seifen/Rasierwasser-Duft. Schön männlich und rau in der Kopfnote, angenehm herb in der Herznote. Für den Preis meine Nummer 1!

  22. Deborah

    this is my husbands (and my) favorite…. as with any scent you have to stick with what works for your own body chemistry… this one works for him 😉

  23. William Harris

    A little taste of Beverly Hills!

  24. Thomas Gilvarry

    brilliant and service quality excellent.

  25. Aaron Perpepa

    Did not quite like the smell

  26. Rachel Powell

    Bijan is a great brand, but the fragrance is poor in all senses of the word

  27. Cinnamon21

    Smells great on my husband

  28. Johnny Fitz

    Didn’t smell like it used to

  29. Rachel Stevenson

    Vollkommen zufrieden:)

  30. Saoirse the dancer

    Great buy..smells good my father favorite must have

  31. John Hope

    Desfasada pero auténtica

  32. Edward Spencer

    This is the same consistent scent that’s been around for years and I love it. Clean, powerful and lingering, an all time classic that has resisted the temptation to “reinvent “ itself like other popular brands ie Dior, Ysl etc. Delighted it’s still around and the price makes it very affordable. Up there with the top brands but much better value. Only downside, it’s 75 ml, wish it was 100ml! Highly recommended.

  33. Hat

    Great masculine smell

  34. Julie Archbold

    Weak fragrance

  35. Brandon J. Olson

    Everything I expected!

  36. J&Amp;M Butties

    As good as the original.

  37. Mr Des Carroll

    Do not recommend

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