David Beckham Respect 40ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

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David Beckham Respect 40ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray by Beckham

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REDUCED: David Beckham Respect 40ml EDT Spray

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24 reviews for David Beckham Respect 40ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

  1. Nadim

    nice perfumes

  2. Chief B A Awoye


  3. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    Just wish I played like him,

  4. Anca

    Amazing smell and long lasting

  5. S Divine

    This is a perfect gift set for any man, young or old, we were surprised at the great value for money – for just over £11 you’re getting a quality Beckham scent and a shower gel.My partner recently tried all of David Beckhams’ scents in Boots and the winner for him was Homme, closely followed by Respect and Instinct was his third favourite just basing it on his personal tastes. I really like the smell of Respect on him too and seems to last quite a while and is subtle and not too overpowering. I would also have chosen Respect as this is my favourite scent out of the whole range.The set itself contains a 30ml fragrance and a 200 ml shower gel in a smart box. It looks great quality and impressive for anyone to receive whether they’re a David Beckham fan or not as these scents are so popular now that it doesn’t matter so much about the name, more for them being firmly a part in the Mens fragrance world. Excellent value for money with a great discount on perfumesoflondon. Highly recommended!

  6. Carlosnightman

    Even though Senor Beckham has long since retired from slicing balls all over the place, his business juggernaut continues. This latest fragrance pays homage to the latest trend in football – “respect”. I’ve often wondered what respect smells like – is is the aftermath tinge of shame after playing a hurtful prank on a friend, or is it some innate odour you only earn when dealing with your elders and betters? Whatever it is, David has captured its essence and squeezed it into a jar for you to purchase. Now wherever you go, heads will turn, nay, heads will bow, as you pass through – leaving a sense of awe in your wake. Not only does this set provide an aftershave, but a before shave (shower gel) too! It’s your standard manly, earthy, foamy stuff, but it works.

  7. A. I. Mcculloch

    A really pleasant scent, surprisingly. This isn’t a million miles from CKOne, but is slightly more citrussy, and masculine.The deo can has a innovative spray cap which twists on and off, it can’t be discharged accidentally when in a sports bag, and there’s no aerosol cap to lose.The shower gel is presented in an opaque black top-down tube, useful for standing in the shower or bath, it’s got the same strong scent as the deo.You won’t be able to wear an aftershave, cologne or splash if you wear this, it’s pretty powerful.The presentation is elegant and classy, not sure of what age range this will appeal to, but it’s a really, really pleasant smell.

  8. Thomas Pots

    This is a set comprising shower gel and deodorant spray, presented in a neat box. Amazingly for a gift set, the box is merely big enough for the contents, not a vast thing with not much inside.The fragrance is fresh, more lemony and sporty than Beckham’s similar Classic Blue offering, but not dramatically different. The gel is effective but nothing spectacular, which is as I would expect at the price. This is very much budget-end Beckham. The deodorant spray is the better half of the set, with handy twist-locking top to prevent kit-bag-full-of-deodorant accidents happening.As with Beckham Classic Blue, this is not at all bad value at the price, and is ideal gift material, though for the money I still much prefer the Beckham eau de toilette offerings to the gels and sprays.

  9. Sakazoke

    Great gift set that comprises of a body spray and a shower gel. Not small sizes either. And you get the lovely signature fragrance from David Beckham. The shower gel my husband loved. You could smell it for hours after his shower. It really did linger. He used it to take to the gym so he could shower there as well! And he loved the body spray. That too was used after the shower at the gym.All in all you get great value for money. This will make a lovely little gift with for a secret Santa, gift for a end of year or Christmas gift for a Male teacher ( better than a mug). Or a Birthday gift. For the price you surely can’t go wrong.

  10. S Divine

    Out of all the Beckham fragrances – Respect is both myself and my partners favourite, we’ve tried the cologne and now this shower gel and body spray set is also another win. Presented in a smart black box this contains full sized products – the shower gel has the same lovely fragrance as the aftershave so it’s a no brainer that the cologne should follow your shower and the body spray is a cheaper version of wearing the scent – perhaps after the gym or a run.Highly recommended, it’s a great value set at £8 – perfect for Beckham fans or not, this is a gorgeous scent which lasts well.

  11. Terri Gilham

    An excellent price for a Xmas present for my son 🙂 I’m sure he will I’ve it.

  12. Book Addict

    This David Beckham ‘Respect’ scent is very similar to his ‘Beyond Forever’ fragrance; it’s just a little less musky and a bit more woodsy but it still remains a masculine scent. I will mention though that the odour doesn’t linger very long; this Beckham fragrance quickly dissipates following application of both the deodorant and shower gel. This is a nicely packaged gift set but you are paying heavily for the Beckham name for just a deodorant and shower gel.Gift set includes:1x Respect deodorant spray 150ml1x Respect shower gel 200ml

  13. Anne Henderson

    Nice set

  14. Victoria Mckenna

    As described

  15. Harv

    Good Quality Scents

  16. Victoria Harper

    As described

  17. Highflier73

    Not a bad fragrance

  18. Sharon Mellow

    Present for friends. Arrived quickly

  19. Ivan P.

    Great item, beautiful smelling perfumes. Fantastic value.

  20. Roshna

    very gud.worthy

  21. Ag

    Brilliant price

  22. Zhuliyan Vasilev

    Good. Prefer the Home, that is just personal preference.

  23. Caroline Rafique

    Liked the fancy bottle

  24. Lison Sinnott

    Lovely item that arrived well within the timescale.

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