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24 reviews for Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Mascara Black 8.2ml

  1. T. Drews

    I have very sensitive, dry eyes and mascaras often cause irritation and wear off throughout the day, making me look like some sort of panda-rabbit. Not with this! You get rich, glossy lashes that last all day and don’t irritate your peepers. It layers really well too, I can’t praise it enough

  2. Debbie T

    Again another very special product from Poppy Austin.It glides on my lashes, no clumping, separates them well. The best thing for me though is it stays on! This is the only mascara that has ever stayed on my lashes and not decided to slide off onto my eyelids or under my eyes (and I’ve tried them all!) highly recommend.

  3. Natbyte

    This is the best animal friendly mascara I have tried. I have found that others can smudge easily and wear off throughout the day, or other products have been very pricey. This is a good price for an excellent product, I will definitely buy it again.

  4. Mrs Marie Mcadams

    Very pleased with product, I have sensitive eyes and this mascara certainly does not irritate or clump. Love wearing this Vegan product as I like to do my bit for the animals as being an animal lover and vegetarian plays a big part in my lifestyle, will look out for more Poppy Austin products.

  5. Maria

    The best mascara to use for all…. it stays properly without a mess and like 24 hours almost. I have no allergy feeling on this one. Perfect! And I will recommend it by heart. Thank you so much!

  6. Susan

    I like having a product with natural ingredients for something I use so close to my eyes. I find it dries and thickens quite quickly, but a drop or two of Argon oil has helped.

  7. Ophellia

    I was dubious on spending over £12 on a lesser known brand mascara, but it being cruelty free, I figured I probably should. Listen- It. Is. The. Best. Mascara. It makes them thicker, longer, still flexible, with no clumps, no flaking and it the only mascara I have found that does not leave me with panda eyes in the morning!!! 🙌🏻

  8. Coco

    Lovely to use

  9. Martyna_C

    Very easy to apply. Great quality and I will definitely be buying again! The fact it is safe to use on your skin and cruelty free unlike most other products out there , is just added bonus!

  10. Princess Mononoke

    Gorgeous mascara, gives really full, false lash effect. Had no problem with flaking (which is great as I wear contacts) and it didn’t smudge either. Got lots of compliments on my eyes using this. Easy to apply even in the corner of eyes, love, love, love it x

  11. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    This is my second purchase of this mascara. I absolutely love it and my lashes feel much better! For me to say that, that is saying something. I have horrible brittle, dry, short lashes that have been curled and abused for years by cheap drug store mascaras. Never again will I buy cheap damaging chemical laden mascaras. Poppy Austin Vegan and Organic Lengthening Mascara is the best ever! My lashes feel more supple and lengthened and with added volume. I feel good knowing I am using a pure and sustainable product. Also, this mascara does not flake off or leave raccoon eyes. And an added bonus, it is a reasonable price for a quality mascara. I highly recommend this mascara!

  12. Alison Pham

    I got this as my eyes itch horribly with usual mascara. I have medium length lashes and this has good reviews. Not worn mascara for a very long time. I have used the brush and gone over my lashes alot in the photo. So you can have it look alot more natural if you want with alot less strokes. I did wiggle the brush as well.My eyes haven’t itched yet and I’ve not removed any mascara from my upper lids to see if it’s what it says it is. Ok so far. My lashes usually sit straight n out but this has lifted them up.

  13. Emma

    Honestly the best mascara I’ve ever had. Bought it because it’s cruelty free and good for your lashes. I’ve just started using cold pressed castor oil and these two combined are definitely doing wonders. Pic is just two coats!

  14. Davya

    Great mascara, goes on smoothly without being clumpy and lasts well. Very impressed with it.

  15. Jm.

    Finally found a mascara that’s non-toxic & cruelty free but also performs! Lasts all day, through rain, heat or boo-hooing – stays just where it’s meant to; I love it ❤️ I’d resigned myself to chemical-laden waterproofs being the only truly reliable mascara & since I wasn’t willing to use that gunk anymore I’d just have to tolerate bleary smudging & pale lashes; I’m so happy this product proved me wrong! I really noticed how superior this was when I accidentally used a previous ‘natural’ mascara the other day & wondered why a few hours later I had the dreaded panda-eye smears again! Really hope they never stop making this stuff…

  16. Jax

    In my opinion this is the best vegan and cruelty-free mascara on the market, and I have tried many. It doesn’t flake, clog up, run or ruin your eyelashes. My eyelashes haven’t looked so good for years.

  17. James B. Spink

    Elizabeth Arden is a long-established American cosmetics company specialising in the premium end of the market with high quality, but rather expensive, products. The brand has had a number of different owners over the years and is currently a subsidiary of Revlon. My wife is very fond of the brand and has used this Elizabeth Arden mascara for a few days and has been fairly pleased with the results so far. This Standing Ovation mascara is available in intense black or intense brown on the same perfumesoflondon product page – my wife has the black and has found that it is very black indeed. You get 8.2ml of the product in a dispenser with a built-in brush which my wife found easy to use with no clumping and giving very good colour and volume. Currently around twenty-two pounds from perfumesoflondon, this is one of Elizabeth Arden’s more expensive mascaras – and very expensive compared with other brands offering similar products. This Standing Ovation Mascara comes attractively presented – as you would expect from the Elizabeth Arden brand – and is very well made. My wife found it to be long-lasting with an intense colour – but at the current price she can only rate it with three stars for value.

  18. Emily True

    I have very sensitive eyes and was worried I wouldn’t be able to wear mascara anymore after trying lots of different brands. This mascara does not irritate my eyes or smudge. It stays in place all day and really does lengthen my lashes. I will definitely purchase again.

  19. S Divine

    This is definitely a well presented and luxury looking and luxury feeling product. Elizabeth Arden is a premium product but at a premium price.I love the style of the brush, it’s just the type I like, it’s chunky and covers the lashes well. I found the mascara a good consistency but didn’t give my lashes quite the oomph I thought it would in one or two coats. It gives you an elegant look rather than a show-stopping look and there’s cheaper products out there that make you lashes look longer and fuller.I do like the product but due to the price it’s not something I’d purchase regularly unless it was absolutely perfect. If you can find this on offer then I’d recommend.

  20. John Boy

    My wife doesn’t normally use black mascara as she is fair. This has a super large brush, tapering sharply to a point so it is easy to get into the corners of the eye. One coat looks fine. She normally uses waterproof mascara as her eyes water easily. Although this isn’t waterproof, it hasn’t been a problem so far. Time will tell if it smudges or irritates.

  21. I. B. Pitbladdo

    My wife says:I loved the spiral brush which coated the smaller parts of my eyelashes. Two coats are required to get good coverage, it does however dry quickly so reapplying almost immediately is not a problem. I didn’t find this mascara to be clumpy like some I have used and would certainly recommend the product to friends.

  22. Dlee

    I have used this a few times now and find it good. Mine is neither too dry or too wet It is a nice texture and goe on well. I have read the other reviews and they make me wonder if there is a problem with the packaging that allows it to dry out?? Just a question mark. But mine is fine. I like the brush and like the look it gives . Probably it will not be my very favourite mascara and it is expensive but not much more than the ones I normally use. Over all I really like Elizabeth Arden products and this is no exception. I would say it is fine but not exceptional.

  23. Sonicquack

    This gives a natural lash look as opposed to chunky big black spider legs- which in my opinion is a good thing! However you can build up the intensity, but it will still leave you with a more dignified, elegant lash rather than the overdone spidery look. It is densely pigmented and it did leave my lashes dark, separated and retained their curl most of the day after I had used an eye lash curler. I think it is a fair product for the money- it does do the job well- but I do think that there are other products on the market that give a bolder lash look for the money (without giving the spider leg look) I do like it, but not sure whether I would be in a rush to purchase over another mascara. If you like a dark, elegant looking lash then the is for you, something a little bit bolder you might need to look at another product- or apply several coats, and if you are applying several coats each time (rather than 1 or 2) then you would need to consider its value for money factor.

  24. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    This is a very nice mascara – it does not clump at all and my lashes look longer but still quite natural, not overly “made up”. As a result, it is lovely to wear every day, but it is really quite expensive when compared to the sorts of brands you can pick up in the supermarket or high-street make-up counters. Of course, this is a designer brand and so the price is to be expected, but this is a product that you cannot simply “save for best” as whether you wear it every day or only on special occasions, you cannot keep it for months on end for hygiene reasons. A very nice product if you are able to splash out.

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