I am Juicy Couture 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

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I am Juicy Couture 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray by Juicy Couture

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Juicy Couture I am Juicy Couture 100ml EDP Spray

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18 reviews for I am Juicy Couture 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

  1. Jemma Hobbs


  2. Isabel Ferreira

    Beautiful smell, nice and sweet.well happy with my purchase.

  3. Redmarch

    Love it

  4. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    beautiful perfume…starts off fruity and the drydown is woody… lasts for ages

  5. Neil Bramwell

    Bought as a birthday gift for my sister, she seemed to love it.

  6. Avril Lax


  7. Pepemia

    I really love bold, long lasting perfumes and this is ideal. Very fresh and a bit more of a sweetie smell, it probably more appeals to young women , and those who like a more distinctive smell .The bottle is a pretty unusual shape , looks nice displayed but I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of it as it’s not good for carrying in a handbag !However I do like the perfume , and it is so different from the usual boring smells that I’m giving it 5 star . Reminds me a bit of the Britney perfume , that unfortunately having her name attached to it meant people didn’t appreciate the nice smell.This is also very well priced and often on specials . Recommended and be good for a gift for an older teenager too.

  8. Tom Douglas

    This is an excellent example of being true to your brand values – fun and fruity, with the undoubted sweetness balanced by florals and a hint of zest.Just like the brand, this isn’t a scent for an age group, and it will appeal to a full cross section of women. Equally a full cross section will hate it, but there you go.It has modest sillage, a scent for close quarters rather than the entire tube carriage, and has average longevity.It is a day scent that works well at night, a sweet scent that isn’t cloying, a floral scent for all ages. It’s juicy.

  9. S. Duncan

    This is not a subtle perfume. It is floral and fruity and slightly musky which makes a pleasant combination, ensuring that it isn’t too sweet. I like it and think it would be acceptable at any age. Once applied, the scent lasts a reasonably long time, but is not overpowering.

  10. Jack Percival

    For anyone who’s familiar with the Juicy Couture clothing range, you’ll know that it’s about young, interesting and bold looks. This fragrance certainly follows on from that trend and converts it into a scent. How would that work? I gave it a try to find out.The first bold choice comes in the pleasant boxing and also bottle. The shape is certainly interesting and makes it stand out on the shelf, though a little impractical as the top section really is a lot bigger than the rest of the bottle. The fragrance itself is fruity to an almost sickly sweet type flavour, so isn’t the most fresh but certainly is interesting and bold. It lasts also as you would expect.Overall, this is a pretty interesting fragrance in a neatly designed bottle that won’t appeal to everyone but should attract those fans of the clothing brand. Generally from me – that makes it recommended.

  11. Dolphin

    Described as boldly addictive, this is a heavy scent that is initially strong on fruit with the heavier musk lingering on your skin; not something to wear if you have a headache. It is long lasting, albeit the fruity tones go after a fairly short time to leave the musk and other heavier aspects of the scent on your skin.The bottle is angularly attractive with a rope-style swirl on the lid, that will make it stand out on a crowded table and the bar top ensures it is easy to grab hold of. It’s too heavy for me for day wear but is nice for an evening.

  12. Juliac

    This is a nice perfume for a summer evening. The bottle is unusual and quite distinctive. It is quite flowery and fruity with a woody base note. It is quite easy to wear and would really suit a younger woman. I love the notes of rose and gardenia too. Very nice and quite disctinctive

  13. Helen Simpson

    I read the reviews before getting this and the description ‘sweet’ put me off…BUT I was also intrigued enough to try it for myself.The bottle is interesting and yes looks like a tap or explosive plunger and despite the handbag sized bottle, the lid tends to fall off in your bag…but then my Miss Dior one does too…seems to be a ‘thing’ for decorative lids.The scent is (as described by my 26 year old daughter who also really likes it) fresh, clean, flowery and sweet. A down side is that I felt (especially for an eau de parfum) that the fragrance didn’t last for long and I wanted to reapply a couple of hours later, all in all though I like it and am glad ‘sweet’ didn’t put me off.

  14. Prof Tbun

    Distinctive, attractive bottle. Easy lift cap. The floral scent is powerful so you do need much. I like it very much. Even mother likes it, and she is almost impossible to please. It is not the most long lasting fragrance, but that is reflected in the price. The coarse name and branding I don’t like.

  15. Shammyb

    This was bought for my partner.The scent is very pleasant and long lasting. It is quite strong (but I guess that goes with the brand!) and seems targeted at summer as it seems like a summer fragrance.The packaging is another matter though; a bit blingy, and the bits you think are metal are actually plastic (albeit with some diamante to complete the effect). Again, I guess goes with the brand, although its worth noting that Juicy couture fragrances are actually licenced to Elizabeth Arden (Wikipedia is a wonderful thing!) so quality is assured.Overall very good. Aimed at a particular market via the bottle and branding, but the perfume itself is actually good!

  16. Chinatown Blue

    This perfume comes in a box with a very plain and simple design, but the bottle inside is interesting and unusual. The fragrance is a nice blend of fruit and flower scents, not too overpowering but not bland or feeble either. After a few minutes on the skin I found it became more noticeably citrus, but the floral notes were still there. I prefer my scents more on the flowery side, but my daughter loves it and has made off with it.

  17. Epigone

    This has a very particular, sweet and fruity scent. I mean, it really is shamelessly fruity – all berries with a hint of a floral background. This is really noticeable at first but it does mellow out in time. It’s a very young scent. To be honest, it almost makes you feel like you’re hanging out in a sweet shop. It kind of threatens to be cloying but again, that’s just at first and once it has worn in there’s a brightness to it that is very pleasant. Definitely not to pick up if you’re after something a mellow or jazzy or complex but it’s got a lot of character.

  18. Scottish Dog Lover

    It’s hard to describe a perfume. This perfume is light and floral with a slightly musky undertone.It’s not cloying.Perfect for everyday use rather that a special occasion.My one bugbear is the bottle design, it’s odd. I thought it looked like a tap. The problem is that the bottle doesn’t fit in a handbag easily. The dressing table or bathroom shelf is fine. But most women like to have their perfume with them. I suppose you could use an atomiser.But when it comes down to it the key is the scent, and I like this one.

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