Katy Perry Indi 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

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Katy Perry Indi 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray by Katy Perry Beauty

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Katy Perry Indi 100ml EDP Spray

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28 reviews for Katy Perry Indi 100ml Eau Du Parfum EDP Spray

  1. Claire B

    This was a gift for my auntie for Xmas, it was such a good price 70% off so she was over the moon to receive a 100ml bottle she thought I was very generous!!! lol I was happy and so was she.

  2. Barber1

    Brought as a Christmas present for my dear friend and was shocked at how big the perfume is so will last a long time. Worth every penny

  3. J.O

    I’m very pleased with this product. This is my second buy. This product is genuine and price is so convenient especially at this time when finance is a bit limited as people are trying to buy gifts for family and friends.

  4. Mrs. A. Wright

    This Eau de Perfume comes in a distinctive black and white presentation box. The bottle inside is thick white and nicely patterned with a black coloured top. The top covers the press facility which is gold coloured.KP Indi is on the bottle top and on the body of the bottle are the words KATY PERRY’S INDI> Although it states that there is 100ml in the bottle on product heading the Box contents states 50ml. The perfume is a very pleasant subtle fragrance which lasts a long time. I put it on at 3pm and it was still as strong until I washed it off during my nightly shower. I cannot identify the fragrance but I like it very much

  5. Marx1977

    My wife loves perfume so I got Katy Perry’s Indi for her to try…she loved it. It comes nicely packaged for giving and the bottle itself is lovely with embossed writing down the sides…a nice touch!The scent is layered with florals and musk tones creating a subtle scent that is exotic without being overpowering like some. This is a nice everyday perfume that won’t offend those around you with harsh, strong smells.It is now a firm favourite with my wife and I must admit I do enjoy it when she wears it.

  6. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    A strong long lasting perfume with a nice fragrance. Ideal for wearing everyday without using a more expensive brand.

  7. Bess_Wheat

    This is a rather strong perfume and quite musky rather than fruity or floral. It lasts a long time and it does subtly change over wear to become less musky. I sprayed some on a scarf and I can still smell it a few days later. I would recommend trying some before you buy as I don’t imagine it is for everyone. Another thing I wasn’t impressed with was the bottle. It feels very sharp and chunky. And when you replace the lid, it sometimes catches on the spray and perfume leaks out. Not the best design I’m afraid. Overall, I will use it but I don’t think I would buy it myself.

  8. Gogol

    A nice enough fragrance a little on the strong side though I found even with only using very little. To be fair this very much is a fragrance for a younger person and would probably be best as a gift for someone like that it really isn’t a day to day perfume. Its not something entirely unpleasant just not something really for me.

  9. Keats The Cat

    Recieved this to test. Glad I hadn’t bought it. The musk fragrances do not suit everyone and it didn’t smell at all nice on me. It is a blend of around 11 different musk fragrances. Reasonably priced and may well suit someone in their twenties.

  10. Glenn Cook

    I like this Katy Perry Indi fragrance very much.You can see that I do because I awarded it five stars it is THAT good.Now the hard part of writing a review about a fragrance is describing it to you.I was once told that each of us registers scent differently.So here goes.The smell has high notes of White Tea, Oriental Plum, Italian Bergamont,At its heart is Lily of the Valley, Cyclamen, White Cedar.And at the base are Amber and eleven (count ’em) types of Musk.Now that is from the blurb. How can I get that across in words better?The simple answer is I cannot but, the whole together is a very individual an excellent smell, truly memorable but in a really great way.If you are buying this as a gift because your lady likes Katy Perry be reassured it is a beautiful fragrance- something I did not expect to say never mind write.Now I could not say that this perfume is for the younger lady. I honestly don’t believe it is because it is a very good fragrance indeed and that is from a hardened, seen and smelled it all before male who not only went to the discos and bars in his days but worked at a top private members club where the girls had the best and latest perfumes bought by their boyfriends old and young with more money than sense- but I digress.This is, and I repeat myself a really good fragrance that Katy Perry has gone up in my estimation by endorsing.It is long lasting- very.I confess I sprayed a sample on the back of my hand and despite washing my hands, showering etc I could still sense the scent 24 hours later. A little goes a long way so you can be sparing with the fragrance if you want it to last.Now we all know it’s not just the fragrance that counts should but the design of this bottle is excellent, good rather than trashy American.Katy has some style that girl.The bottle is a matt white with a smart, golden ring. The Logo is in black.Down the sides is a message from Katy which adds a lot to the design.I will not spoil the message.All in all, I was very impressed by this excellent fragrance.I’m not a California Gurl and I didn’t see Fireworks but this is excellent.If I had the Eye of the Tiger I too would Roar.

  11. Nozza

    This cool bottle of Katy Perry Indi Eau de Perfume for Her has sleek lines and look smart. The Eau de Perfume is young and vibrant and will appeal to younger perfume wearers. This isn’t a sophistacted scent with deep undertones running through, but a very commercial, and pleasant smelling product that lasts well. A pleasant perfume that should delight!

  12. 12Stringbassist

    Katy Perry’s Indi 50mlWith topnotes of white tea, plum and bergamot, an base notes of amber, tonka bean and various musks, this perfume can be worn day or night and isn’t a season specific scent or even gender-specific. The scent is reminiscent of Moschino TOY, but far more wearable. It’s a combination of light, sweet scents with richer, woody, spicy notes and it has an impressive lasting power of 5-7 hours. The hydrolyzed jojoba esters seem to help combat the drying effect alcohol can have on the skin.The bottle has a nice weight to it, and the black and white theme is more appealing to me than her previous perfumes. The side of the bottle is textured with writing which reads ‘Put the U in Individual’, whilst the top says ‘KP INDI’. The top has a good amount of grip so would be great for keeping in a handbag or travelling without fear of losing it.

  13. P M Buchan

    My wife and my daughter both love this Katy Perry-branded perfume, which is sweet but not overpowering, with a musk-scent that lasts well all day long.The price is currently very reasonable for a perfume that will last well and not run out too soon, and the bottle (if you wanted to give this as a gift) gives a luxurious impression that’s more high end than you’d expect for the price.

  14. Lmnuk01

    This Katy Perry Indi Eau de Perfume for Her perfume is a lovely musk and floral scent, with good lasting power – about five hours for me (but everyone is different!) I have not tried any other scents from Katy Perry before. Produced by the Coty brand. I cannot comment on price.

  15. A R Hartley

    Always get excited when a new celeb perfume gets released so when I saw this I had to try it! Really liked the monochrome bottle, and packaging looks very chić.Was really impressed with the scent. I’m usually swayed more towards sweet smelling perfumes so was pleasantly surprised by its woody, musky scent. It smells a lot more expensive than what it is and received lots of compliments whilst wearing it. Definitely a thumbs up from me and it’s made me want to check out other scents in the Katy Perry range!

  16. Folly

    Oh I lv dis perf I’ve bough it again more than 5times nice ,lovely smell n it last 4ages wll recommend oh yes I will

  17. Naomi

    Excellent price through perfumesoflondon, extremely competitive. Also arrived safely. Great fragrance and stylish design.

  18. I Love New York

    My wife absolutely loves this perfume, so much she had me get a repeat order as a stocking filler.It’s inoffensive and musky and has a vey light scent to it. That’s what she likes and so do I.5 Stars

  19. T Clarke

    Everything you could want came on time no damage to box or bottle very happy smells amazing !!!!

  20. Dragon Slayer

    This smells beautiful on my wife, I’ve suspended the divorce lawyers.

  21. Colin Harvey


  22. Corey

    Got this on a black Friday deal and I was so happy to have saved around £31-£32 pounds. I love this perfume as it is. The smell is quite powerful so you don’t have to spray as much as typical cheaper perfumes. The bottle that is comes in is gorgeous!Seriously don’t miss up on a chance to buy this if its on a deal! It’s perfect.

  23. Kerry

    Bought this for me and a friend. It’s not as strong as I would like it to be but it’s good for just everyday wear. I was running out of my expensive branded perfume so was needing something cheap so that it wouldn’t bother me if it ran out quickly, this is good for that and I picked it up when it was on offer. Cheap and cheerful but could be stronger.

  24. Juozas

    Got this for my girlfriend as a side gift. She loved it! The smell itself is great and more for an evening use. The bottle looks great as well! 5*

  25. I. Clarke

    This bottle of Katy Perry Indi Eau de Parfum has a lovely young fresh scent and being an Eau de Parfum it lasts a bit longer than a standard smelly. I quite like the chunkiness of the bottle. The black and white bottle design is modern so it looks good in the bathroom as well as smelling good. I found that the perfume takes about 15mins to settle on the skin before it smells its best. The only loss of 1 star was that there was only 100ml in the bottle which does not last that long, however a little does go a long way. Also the advantage of a 100ml bottle is that it can be taken on a flight in your hand baggage.

  26. Das

    Wasn’t sure what it smelt like, but was pleasantly surprised as it was the type of Parfum Fragrance I normally wear. I bought four different fragrances as I had an perfumesoflondon link that vastly reduced the price in comparison to the normal price sold on usual perfumesoflondon link.

  27. Deb H

    I`ve had several of the Beyonce range of perfumes – all of which have been really nice and reasonably long lasting for the price but I do think I`ve now found my favourite!All fragrances smell different to all people so I`ll not describe how this smells to me but I`ll just say it`s really nice be it day or nighttime wear and without doubt worth a try!

  28. John Subedi

    I really liked the product as I bought this for my Nan and she loved it. Very good value for money and I don’t think I have anything to dislike. I would recommend to buy if you’re looking for a decent perfume with good value for the money.

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