Revlon 150ml Uniq One Original Hair Treatment

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Revlon 150ml Uniq One Original Hair Treatment by Revlon

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Revlon 150ml Uniq One Original Hair Treatment by Revlon

If the image doesnt look right dont worry, you will receive the item specified in the title

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19 reviews for Revlon 150ml Uniq One Original Hair Treatment

  1. Pat Simpson

    My hairdresser uses this so I bought some. It is very good for dry damaged hair

  2. Love To Shop

    Love this stuff. I have unruly curly lightened hair. Rub about 8 squirts in hands and rake through wet clean hair. Blow dry. Tadaaaa! Great for calming frizz and great for using straighteners too. Keeps my hair straight better than other products. Smells lovely too. Would recommend.

  3. Metal Guru

    For me very good but not as fabulous as other reviews have found. Only a personal thing but didn’t like the smell, very strong, can still smell the next day so if I bought again would try coconut one. Use very little so bottle will last ages.

  4. Eves

    This is amazing! I have fine coloured curly hair which I straighten and this has been a game changer for me! I love it! I pump 8 sprays into my hand and then rub it through my hair after washing it. I can then brush it much easier. I can blow dry my hair much faster and my hair is shiny with no frizz!I wish I’d found this sooner I’ve spent a small fortune on hair products and this ticks all the boxes. I’ve also been using it on my daughters hair as it’s a great detangler. Really pleased with it

  5. Zendon Dendon

    If there were more start, I would give this product more stars. I am a curly haired person and for the last 3-4 years I’m on a quest for products that are more natural and good for me hair. This product is better than It’s 10 or argan oil. I use if after shower, dripping wet hair; underneath mousse. Keeps my hair soft, no frizz. Love it and highly recommended. A lot better than a lot of the high end saloon products. Well done Revlon.

  6. Eywin

    While this spray certainly detangled my hair, and made it super nice and sleek when blowdrying, it did dry my hair out a lot. Once I stopped using it as frequently as I was, my hair became more moisturised (with the help of hair masks and time).I’d still use this for the one off blow dry, but if you’re looking for a serum to use every time you wash your hair. I’d recommend a hair oil or something like that.

  7. Hakunamatata

    I have curly hair, and I’ve used a lot of hair products before, but never, one like this one. It’s amazing how beautifully it works! gives amazing curls, I’ve never been dissappointed by my curls after using this, hair is sooo soft and less tangling as well. it is great cause you can also use when the hair is dry, but best to use when hair is wet or damp.

  8. Macnjo

    Recommended by my hairdresser & absolutely brilliant controlling my hair. Advised not to use conditioner with it as my hair thick so using both would make it too heavy. Also followed advice from other reviews & sprayed onto my hand (5-10 sprays) first for even coverage.

  9. Lucie Kean

    Amazing stuff. Found actually if you pump about 10-15 pumps into hair then work into damp hair, leaves it unbelievably soft. smooth and repaired. My hair looked healthy again. Smoothness lasts until next wash as well, put mine up several times and stayed great!

  10. Anna East Sussex

    This treatment helps my dry hair to detangle easily and nourishes it pretty well. The only down for me is the smell, from my point of view it’s an old fashion smell but works beautifully.

  11. Pj1392

    This product was recommended by my hairdresser. It’s smells lovely and keep a your hair in fantastic condition. I wash my hair daily and this by far has given the most heat protection.

  12. Johanna Barnett

    Product is good. Have ordered it many times. However last 2 orders seemed to have been used before it got to me . No seal on bottle and leakage around bottle neck

  13. Marycomealive

    Brilliant product for hair care. Through many years of bleaching and toning my hair needs all the help it can get and this is my go-to product for an all-in-one treatment. Brilliant for taking on holiday and covering all bases of heat protection, conditioning treatment. Much more convenient than taking multiple products for the same effect. Love the smell of this too! The only negative is this has a slight impact on how quick my hair becomes greasy but this is a small trade off for the positive effects this product has on my hair. My hair feels in good condition after using this so will definitely continue to buy.

  14. Lasvegas

    My hairdresser uses this on my hair,it smells gorgeous and make your hair more manageable and your hair looks and feels like silk,it was a lot cheaper buying on line than buy from hairdresser,I would definitely use this seller again

  15. Mrs. D. M

    Love this product! Always recommend it to friends, leaves hair soft, shiny, easy to manage. Seems to dry quicker too. Doesn’t weigh hair down at all which is a problem a lot of other leave-in products cause. Honestly the best I’ve ever used, had lots of bottles of this now and it never disappoints. Start with a couple of sprays and comb through, add more as needed. Lasts ages. Added bonus of smelling great too.

  16. Julie F.

    I love this product. It’s a great conditioner and when I first used it I had a beautiful unexpected surprise.The scent is the same as a product my mother used many years ago.From the very first spray I was instantly transported back to my youth. I was sitting on my mums bed watching her for hours as she got ready for a big night out. Her curlers in, tissues tucked in around her collar and some dark pink smeared ones lying on her dressing table. She would pull all sorts of funny faces as she applied eye make up and blusher and tell me all the gossip about each person that would be attending the party that night.I lost my mother nearly 3 years ago and it was so moving to be taken to that lovely place with one smell.Later that day I told a friend about it. She smelled my hair and said it reminded her of her favourite teacher from her school days. A wonderful inspirational woman who had had a huge impact on who she has become.We were both so happy to be reminded by a scent of women we loved and lost.Warning: this brilliant product caused significant eye watering! Thank you Revlon.

  17. Natur’

    Applied to towel dried hair, it really transformed my hair after wash. I no longer dread drying my 4c. No more pulling or pain and loosing patience. I can now manage my hair without these expensive trip to the salon. Finally a product that does what it says on the bottle

  18. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    I frazzled my hair on the straighteners . Although this didn’t make the condition of my hair any better as I’d really burnt it and it was so dry my fringe kept sticking straight out, it did make it look more smooth and didn’t frizz as much when I went out . I would definitely recommend it.

  19. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    This is a superb product, it has left my hair feeling really full and shiny. It also ‘separates’ less into pieces and looks thicker and healthier. People have commented on the smell in the reviews but I think it’s lovely, a little like fresh laundry. Have just bought another one straight away which I think says it all!

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