Valentino Uomo 100ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

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Valentino Uomo 100ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

If the image doesnt look right dont worry, it’s a mixup in the catalogue. You will receive the item specified in the title

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36 reviews for Valentino Uomo 100ml Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

  1. Davidjbennett

    Delivered as advised in good condition ,no problems encountered and bought at a reasonable price.I would recommend this product,especially as it reminds me of our visit to the Valentino factory shop in Italy

  2. Paul Poelstra

    This is one of those high street store ” can I interest you in a new aftershave sir ?” type questions. As its my second bottle obviously I was a well chosen customer to ask. A very classy item , attractive and unusual bottle, but the content is simple the best. Ranks in my top two of all time.

  3. Km

    My boyfriend got this yesterday, and i can’t stop smelling to the bottle. It is one of the best male perfumes, and I like that,it’s not a strong smell. It’s just perfect.

  4. John W

    A very addictive scent by Valentino, very manly without going overboard. It never seems to last long enough on the skin, but I never minded. I had a few compliments for it. I’m a big fan of this scent. My only qualm would be that the Label on the bottle was upside down. Hmm, hope it was the real deal – the smell seemed correct !

  5. Debs

    Beautiful fragranceBest internet price too!

  6. Carol

    Excellent , value for money …………………lovely woody fragrance and well packaged. Considerably cheaper than other outlets and the genuine product so an absolute winner in my view.

  7. H. J. Ward

    I tested this first when we were on a cruise. The perfume stayed on me all day and I had many compliments. Best used in the evenings and formore formal occassions.

  8. Rog

    My favourite masculine fragrance for a long while! Made me feel important. 😉

  9. Perfumesoflondon Customer


  10. The Customer

    Great scent, classy and masculine.

  11. Maureen Keane

    As per order smells great it’s my husbands favourite

  12. J. S. Valaitis

    I’m very happy to have found this aftershave.

  13. Yusuf B.

    Love this !!! I actually waited near the letter box for it 😂

  14. Jaedon

    This is my favourite go to scent, wearing it daily. In my opinion the scent is perfect for any occasion, not so overpowering which is great and also the longevity is excellent.

  15. Diane Ramsden

    Wonderful bought for a present for my Son and he loved it

  16. Jay

    Proper, long lasting contemporary men’s fragrance. Everybody asks me what it is every time I wear it…. I don’t tell them, it’s my little secret!

  17. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    Not sure if this is original, cant tell about the scent though as ive never smelt it before, I got the plastic brown lid and its 100% not wood, however the bottle seems premium, pictures from the Walmart Debenhams clearly have the wooden lid, pics from and Very have a plastic lid.The box and packaging seems premium as its got a brown cardboard insert, the cellophane wrapping was tight and sealed properly, the barcode 6 88575 11700 4 is listed as the correct one, now it may be that there are certain batches, some with plastic lids some with wooden lids so it could be genuine, the sticker on the bottom of the bottle is made in USA Coty US LLCTo be honest it doesn’t smell like bleach or a cheap alcohol, its got a mild scent to it which is quite pleasant.Based on my investigation I would say its quite possibly real, there are a lot of people on perfumesoflondon that are stating that a plastic lid is fake or it doesnt last long, I wouldn’t agree as it could be a batch that run out of wooden lids hence the plastic replacements, also not all perfumes last all day, plus after a bit you wouldn’t smell it on you self but some one else could! I will update if I can get my hands on a bottle with a wooden lid….EDIT 18/12/2017I have bought a 30ml bottle from Boots and I can confirm that the Boots version had a wooden lid however the perfumesoflondon version with the plastic lid version that I bought is the EXACT same scent, lasts all day, I was sceptic because of all the negative comments from previous purchasers, I can confirm that even though perfumesoflondon sells the plastic lid version for £21.00 it is 100% authentic and real, so what if it has a plastic lid, big deal, it has the exact same bottle exact same box with the unique pattern and its real, damn the reviewers for making me go out and buy a 2nd bottle but now I have 2, I will purchase more from perfumesoflondon when my current supply finishes, out.

  18. J Di-Nardo

    Very pleased. Purchased for husband for Christmas. Box is sealed & undamaged, very good packaging to protect product.I buy this every year, more expensive this year than last but still cheaper than the shops. The scent is incredible.

  19. Sander Reytenbach

    Great product and great service

  20. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    Item good! Package poor and arrived opened one end! No invoice or packing note. Disconcerting!

  21. C Green

    Husband loves this, very quick despatch arrived in time for Christmas

  22. Kiko Lotto

    My partner loves this and at 17£ a complete bargain

  23. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    First of all dont listen to any of these negative fools saying its fake! They put me of buying this for months! Then my mate got a bottle and it is the real deal! Maybe they are lying because they dont want everyone jumping on this to keep the price down or they are just negative people, Ive been buying vera wang from debenhams for a long time and paid top price, I wont anymore and I’ll save a good few ££s

  24. Perfumesoflondon Kunde

    Amazing product its one of my faves so i will be a little bias here but would recommend to someone that hasnt tried it ever

  25. Haines

    i really like the smell of this, although the smell is super feint, nice though and lasts a while, just could be slightly stronger smell from the off

  26. Mr. J. A. Doherty

    Great product, 100% genuine and well packaged.It does have a plastic lid rather than the usual wooden one, however I have no issue with the contents.

  27. Sassy56

    Nice scent and good value. My son loves it. Nice masculine smell.

  28. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    This after shave smells lovely

  29. Shiona52

    Lovely aftershave highly recommend, great price

  30. Peter Ashworth

    Perfect thanks

  31. Nk

    I like the smile which lingers on.

  32. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    Smells devine

  33. Thomas Monteith

    Got this for £15 on a deal for 100ml bottle.obvious alarm bells ringing.i always wear this aftershave and i can tell you if its fake then its the best fake ever made.admittedly the lid is plastic and not wood like on my other ones i had,however it smells exactly the same and lasts just as long as ones i have spent £60 odd quid on out debenhams or the airport.i personally would not hesitate to buy this again from this seller.this is one of these rare occasions when the price is too good to be true but actually pays off.

  34. Chanel

    I got this in the sale, very good value for money. Smells very nice.

  35. Katherine

    Got this in the black Friday deal, £13 for 100ml. Husband loves it and I love the deep masculine smell. It smells expensive, meaning not the cheap alcohol smelling kind. Apparently Will Smith wears this! Ha if its good enough for Willy it’s good enough for me! Will keep an eye out for the next BF deal.

  36. Perfumesoflondon Customer

    love this gave as a gift and he loved it

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