Yardley English Lavender 100Ml Hand Cream

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Yardley English Lavender 100Ml Hand Cream

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200 reviews for Yardley English Lavender 100Ml Hand Cream

  1. April (verified owner)

    I received a free s sample of the Yardleys Moisturizing Bath Bar, English Lavender from Pinchme in exchange for my honest review. I did like this product. It did seem to hydrate much skin vs the dried out feeling I usually get from bar soap. I did like this much more than other brands of bar soap. I dont usually like anything lavender but this was nice. It wasnt overpowering at all. It was a little more subtle. I will likely purchase this in the future but probably a more preferable scent because it was hydrating and felt nice.

  2. coupons1990 (verified owner)

    I received this free from PINCHme in order to provide my honest opinion. I am so impressed with the Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bar, in English Lavender I first applied it on my hands in case of any irritation because I have super sensitive skin. However, it left my skin feeling so smooth and fresh with no irritation or dryness so I used it then on my body. It smells amazing Also, it lathers up very nicely and leaves your skin feeling soft and like freshcut Lavender I look forward to buying more soon

  3. Mariam (verified owner)

    I received this product as a FREE sample to try and I absolutely fell in love with the scent. I loveee lavender everything and this made my whole bathroom smell amazing and luxurious due to its potency. I have never tried this Yardley moisturizing bath bar nor the brand in general prior to receiving this product but now I may have to run out and buy this same exact bar once I run out. It is very soft on my skin and didnt cause me to break out because I have sensitive skin but again, everyone is different. If you are someone like me that would rather use natural products then this is for you. It is made with pure lavender extract and essential oils. It is a good enough size to last a while. It is not a small little bar that slips out of your hand easily. The smell lasts just a bit longer than the original bath bars like dove. Overall I am very impressed with this product and the quality of it. Retail price is only around 3.

  4. ARain (verified owner)

    I received the Yardley London English lavender moisturizing bath bar free for review from Pinch Me. What can I say This soap has been around since 1770 How do you not trust a product like that I will say that I am not new to this product. I have been using it for years but I was still excited to have it offered to me in my sample box. I love this moisturizing bath bar. Its very moisturizing and smells absolutely fantastic. Its parabenfree and sulfatefree, not tested on animals, and the packaging is 100 recyclable, all things that are important to me. It does contain fragrance which might be bothersome to some along with essential lavender oil, coconut oil, and glycerin. I myself, do not suffer from any skin sensitivity and can basically use any kind of soap so if you are not sensitive to fragrance this moisturizing bath bar is a musttry The lavender scent is so extremely soothing and the bar is quite moisturizing. I definitely recommend this bath bar. Especially for those seeking a little calming and soothing in their bath time retreat.

  5. Kelly (verified owner)

    I received a bar of Yardleys English Lavender Bath Bar from Pinch Me in exchange for my honest review, and Im so glad I did. This soap is amazing It smells good, almost calming, but it isnt overpowering. It cleans gently enough that I am able to use it on my toddlers delicate skin. It has a nice lather, and rinses clean easily. My skin is left feeling clean and moisturized and smelling great.

  6. tnm87 (verified owner)

    I received this Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar free from PINCHme in exchange for my honest review. Ive always enjoyed products from this brand. This bath bar is no exception. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. The floral scent is absolutely delightful. These affordable bars last a long time as well. I love that its made with natural moisturizers and essential oils. I highly recommend this amazing product.

  7. Ashley (verified owner)

    I received a great coupon for Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bar from PINCHme. It was a sample that has greatly influenced my purchasing in the future.I went out and bought the Yardley English Lavender scent bar. It left my skin moisturized and soft. The smell was so good Im permanently switching to this bar because I felt so refreshed after using it. I usually have dry skin and use multiple products for that. it was very nice to use this and not have to immediately put lotion on after a shower.

  8. Carolyn1955 (verified owner)

    I have never tried this bar before, but when I received this free sample product of Yardley of London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar, and when I first opened the box, it took my breath away…in a GOOD way..The beautiful scent takes you away..across the country actually To the beautiful English countryside And, when I washed with it, it leaves your skin so clean and soft. I dont even have to use any moisturizer afterwards Its made right into the bar I will definitely be buying this product

  9. Dani2035 (verified owner)

    I received this product free for trialing purposed from PINCHme and was highly impressed with it. This is one of the best lavenderscented soaps that I have ever used, and it costs about a faction of the price of most of the other ones. The scent smells like fresh picked lavender but isnt too overpowering just enough to leave a clean, light scent to your skin. It lathers wells and leaves no residue on the skin like some other bar soaps do. The soap isnt harsh or drying and provides just the right amount of moisturizing factor, so your skin feels soft and supple. Highly recommend this product.

  10. A (verified owner)

    I received a free sample of yardley moisturizing bath bar in the scent english lavender and I absolutely loved it Not only was the scent super strong but the soap bar was of a nice size for your hand, might be big for a child. The soap left my hands surprisingly moisturized, I was skeptical at first The soap bar was super slippery compared to others so be careful of that. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry hands or needs something that is calming.

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