Yardley English Lavender 200G Talcum

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Yardley English Lavender 200G Talcum

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200 reviews for Yardley English Lavender 200G Talcum

  1. jessa.n (verified owner)

    My favorite thing about this product is the scent I love lavender for aromatherapy, as I find it soothing and relaxing. Sometimes scents give me a migraine, but Im migrainefree woohoo I didnt have an allergic reaction, and it didnt irritate my sensitive skin either. I used it in the shower, and it gave my skin that squeaky feeling when I rinsed off. Im not a fan of that feeling personally, hence the 4 stars. Its very affordable, only 13 for a single bar depending on where you go to purchase.

  2. dawn.m (verified owner)

    Ive seen this product in the stores before and I have always passed it up. I did not think I would like this product. I absolutely love it. The price is comparable to other brands of soap. It leaves you feeling squeaky clean and I love the scent. I am actually thinking about switching from my current soap

  3. hannah.b (verified owner)

    I remember soap bars from my childhood and they were less than desirable, so I was a little hesitant to try this at first. Yardley bath bar is a serious upgrade from those stiff, waxy things I had as a child. This bar is nourishing and rich. It delivers a creamy lather and moisturizes my skin. The lavender scent was heavenly as well This feels like an indulgence and a treat to my skin each time I use it. findyouryardley womensempowermentvoxbox

  4. allix.b (verified owner)

    I definitely enjoyed trying out this soap I love the scent of it its not too empowering at all and it goes on very easily. And I find that even with dropping the soap in the tub, it does not break as I have experienced with some soaps in the past. I also have very sensitive skin and I did not experience any kind of rashes or anything similar while using this product. Overall, I would definitely recommend, and if I was in the store shopping for a bar of soap I would probably choose this brand after using it.

  5. erin.p (verified owner)

    The scent of this bar filled the entire box, and now my entire bathroom If you dont like the smell of lavender or strong scents, this one really isnt for you but I have enjoyed it quite a bit It cleanses well and leaves that same relaxing fragrance on soft skin. And its a great affordable price

  6. ashiah.w (verified owner)

    this soap lathers up really well and smells amazing. you can smell it through the package itself. the packaging is pretty cute and standard but unique with the lavender flowers on the front. I like that way I feel when Im using it because it make me feel like all the dirt is lifted and washing away. my skin is smooth and has the scent of lavender all over me. I would recommend for sure. and to say this can be found at your local dollar tree

  7. sharon.g (verified owner)

    I have used Yardley for years so I am definitely partial. The fragrance and functionality of Yardley Soap speaks for itself. Clearly made from highquality ingredients Yardley does not leave your skin feeling dry like most other soaps and tends to help me relax whether in the shower or in the tub. I actually love having this around for guests when they come to visit. The bar lasts longer than other bar soaps and is so gentle that I can use on my children who both have sensitive skin. It lathers perfectly and the scent is light but refreshing and lasting leaving the clean feeling to last through the day although I like the scent most for night as I do find it so relaxing.

  8. cassi.j (verified owner)

    This soap bar smells incredible. Unfortunately I have sensitive skin and it made me a little itchy. Not too serious though. Doesnt bother my hands so I can use it at the sink. My sister used it on my nephew before bedtime and it helped him relax before bed. Overall a great soap bar

  9. paty.g (verified owner)

    I have never used a lavender soap and this one really smells amazing. natural lavender not chemical, it is not an artificial scent. As for the texture, it is soft but it does not melt quickly like other bar soaps, which finish quickly. I hope to say it after using it so that it lasts much longer. what I like the most is the aroma, which is really great and does not dry out the skin. the smell lingers in the bathroom and I feel the rest is relaxing. I am very happy to have discovered this soap, because it is easily removed, leaves no residue, and cleanses without damaging the skin.

  10. kaylee.o (verified owner)

    this is a nice gentle soap that smells calming. it wouldnt be the first bar i would reach for but i will use up what i have. it would be nice for people with very sensitive skin that cant handle harsh antibacterial soaps. i like to use it if i happen to shower before bed, as the lavender is relaxing. i have seen this at dollar tree for 1 so the price is great as well.

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