Yardley English Lavender 50Ml Eau De Toilette Edt Spray

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Yardley English Lavender 50Ml Eau De Toilette Edt Spray

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Yardley English Lavender 50Ml Eau De Toilette Edt Spray by 5060322952222

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200 reviews for Yardley English Lavender 50Ml Eau De Toilette Edt Spray

  1. karebo62 (verified owner)

    I love the smell of Yardley English Lavender bar soap, its so relaxing. Lavender is supposed to help you sleep and I feel like I sleep better after Ive used this. Its so nice to walk into my bathroom and smell the lavender but its not a strong overpowering smell, its just right. I was amazed at the price, to find a soap with high quality ingredients and affordable is hard but Yardley does it all I received a free sample but this did not affect my review, I love this soap

  2. PrincessKmbrly (verified owner)

    I really loved the Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bar, English Lavender sample I received from PINCHme in exchange for my honest review. The scent is amazing and it such a pleasure to use and the scent lingered on my skin for a long time. I especially like the fact that it is made with pure lavender extracts and essential oils. Even more important Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bars are paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate free and not tested on animals. Would recommend for a calming experience.

  3. Aj2020 (verified owner)

    I received Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bar in English Lavender from Pinchme in return for my honest review. First of all, I absolutly love that they dont test on animals. Huge positive for me. However, I have to admit, I dont use bar soap so I didnt try it out in the traditional sense. Instead I put it in my drawers because the smell is absolutley amazing. It smells so good and its long lasting. It keeps everything smelling fresh and wonderful. I would keep buying it again just for that.

  4. Stefanie (verified owner)

    I received a sample bar of this Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bar in English Lavender scent from PINCHme for my honest feedback. While this soap smells absolutely fantastic and does not have a bunch of yucky ingredients in it parabenssufates, it does not leave my skin feeling moisturized. I do think this make a perfect hand soap bar for the bathroom or kitchen, I would not be able to use this on my body. Bar soaps seem to suck all the moisture out of my skin, so I dont blame this soap 100, hence the 3 stars. I wish I loved it, but its just ok for me.

  5. spoodles (verified owner)

    I received a free sample of Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar from PinchMe to try. Its a great soap I will say that the lavender scent is very mild, in fact I dont really smell lavender at all, just a mild floral scent of some sort. It lathers up very well and leaves my skin soft and smooth. I have to put a plug in here for Yardleys Charcoal soap as well. I like it even more than the lavender Very moisturizing Try it, I think youll like it

  6. n7nickys7n (verified owner)

    I like that this is a well established brand with a history that comes at a very reasonable price. It works well and lathers easily. I trust this soap to keep my clean, and it seems to be high quality. It does not leave any sort of residue and leaves my skin feeling soft and lightly scented. I loved the scent at first, but it has grown a little old to me. I would still buy it again and recommend it. PINCHme sent me a free sample to test and review.

  7. Aidan (verified owner)

    I received a sample of this for free from Pinch Me, Ive never actually used this product before but I use to stock it in the dollar store I had worked in and never forgot the smell. So, receiveing the Yardley Moisturizing Bath Bar English Lavender, I was really intrigued to try it. I use both liquid bath wash and soap bars in the showerbath. I immediately noticed the strong lavender smell. Im not a huge lover of Lavender but I am a fan of powerful scents. I wont say that I dont like the scent, I do but Id prefer something else. I do love how powering the scent is however and it did linger a little while after I got out of the shower. The bath bar also suds up quite well and made me feel squeaky clean and left my skin feeling hydrated and soft. Overall, great product

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar Since 1770 lathers up nicely. Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar Since 1770 the scent is very soothing and relaxing. Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar Since 1770 the scent is still present after using and make bathroom smell great. Yardley London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar Since 1770 is made with ingredients that are beneficial.

  9. 1407Tina (verified owner)

    I received this free from PINCHme in order to provide my honest opinion. I hadnt ever heard of or seen Yardley soap before getting it to try. You can smell it before you even open the box, it smells so good.It transported me faraway to an English countryside What a relaxing showerIt lathered very, very well. It left my skin soft and silky.The scent even lingered in the bathroom for about an hour.I really love this soap and have already purchased. I hope you like it, too.

  10. jaimmied (verified owner)

    I am so thankful that PINCHme chose me to receive a free full sized sample of the YARDLEY LONDON ENGLISH LAVENDER MOISTURIZING BATH BAR for an honest review of my opinion. I LOVE Lavender and find the scent to be very calming. The sent of this bar was not overpowering and was quite lovely. My manly, man of a hubby even liked it. The product description claims to be moisturizing and it may be for some people. However, I have very dry, sensitive skin. I did not have any problems with sensitivity, but it also didnt seem to help with hydrating my skin at all. I do recommend this bath bar based on the lovely Lavender smell and the way that it leaves my skin feeling soft.

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