Yardley English Lavender 75Ml Body Spray

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Yardley English Lavender 75Ml Body Spray

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200 reviews for Yardley English Lavender 75Ml Body Spray

  1. maria.t (verified owner)

    Yardley soap bar can be used both as a hand soap and as a bath body bar. The scent is fantastic. Its calming and soothing. It smells like real lavender, not like artificial scents. I love the natural ingredients. My skin always feels soft and moisturized after using the soap. It lathers very well and lasts a long time.

  2. colleen.l (verified owner)

    I. Love. This. Soap It smells so good and is very smooth and soft on my skin. Im usually not a fan of lavender but I think that the sent smells natural and fresh but also isnt too overpowering so I like it. Also my legs usually get dry after shaving and I think that using this soap has helped settle that down. Bar soaps in the past have left my skin with a somewhat sticking residue and this doesnt do that at all I recommend this to anyone looking for a light, natural, smooth and moisturizing soap for in the shower Would love to hear about Yardleys other fragrances so let me know what you all think

  3. wajac-9437 (verified owner)

    I use this soap when I take a shower because the scent stays on my skin and is pleasant to some women without me having to put on expensive cologne. I sweat a lot in the Summer. Ill never forget the time, over 20 years ago, when I was running late to a board meeting and tripped and fell on a womans lap that was sitting in a chair at the boardroom table. I was so embarrassed. When people got up to see if she was ok, I used to weigh 280Lbs, she kept saying it was a pleasant experience but she was married., and that I smelled really good After the meeting, many of the men, and a few ladies, asked me which cologne I was wearing I explained that I just showered daily with Yardly soap. Also, I used to work as a news photographer. When I had to work at a news event outdoors during Summer months, I wouldnt wear cologne because of the possibility of being attacked by insects. Yardlly wasis a good light substitute.

  4. tina.b (verified owner)

    I received the ENGLISH LAVENDER scented YARDLEY LONDON soap COMPLIMENTARY from INFLUENSTER to try give my opinionreview on. I love LAVENDER scents anyways. So when I received this product in my voxbox, I was excited to smell try this out. This soap bar is Superb. I enjoy the Clean, Fresh Lavendar scent the bar washes so softly against your skin, breathing in the relaxing Lavendar essential oils. Honestly, I was worried about using any other bar soap, other than the 1 my doctor recommended for Womens Health, but this bar takes the cake over any others from now on, in my opinion. Goodbye Dove Bar Hello Yardley London Soaps PLUS, YARDLEY LONDON does the Right Thing by NOT Testing on Animals, which Dove can not claim is Parabenfree Sodium lauryl sulfate free. This is really great information for me, as I recently learned that I am allergic to any products containing SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE ingredients.

  5. holly.k (verified owner)

    While I did receive this complimentary from Influenster and Yardley, my opinions are honest and my own Through the years Ive moved to using liquid body wash as bodysoap bars left me wishing for more moisture or calming scent, however Im extremely pleased this was not the case with this product. Even before opening the box, I was met with the calming and pleasant scent of English Lavender. I immediately feel at ease and hear spa music…oops thats streaming from the other room helps create the atmosphere . Also glancing through the story on the box, I feel in VERY capable hands from a company with a history back to 1770 But really the scent and the quality of the bath bar are the star to the show. I and my skin felt soothed and relaxed. I cannot wait to try the other products offered from Yardley

  6. elizabeth.s (verified owner)

    The lavender scent is great for destressing. It makes a great lather and doesnt dry out the skin like some other bars. Its not overpowering or too girly or manly. Both men and women can use this bar in my opinion. I heard about this soap from a friend before and she said it was her favorite. its great for a spa night in to relax. very calming.

  7. anna.j (verified owner)

    This bar smells really nice, but is very strong. It fills up my entire bathroom. It is a long lasting bar, lathers well and doesnt seem to dry out my skin. I dont notice that its moisturizing, but I suppose if its not stripping my skin thats half the battle. I still prefer my Dove bars even if they dont last as long. It seems to leave a little bit of a film, or maybe Im just too used to the extra oils and moisturizing properties of Dove bars or Body wash in general. I use this to wash my makeup brushes as well and it works wonders.

  8. donnamarie.l (verified owner)

    Received this soap free for testing purposes with influenster . I like that it has pure lavender extract and essential oils which definitely calms and Soothes. It has a good lavender scent but doesnt last that long. Bar of soap lathers well and is bigger than expected. You can get the soap and a variety of stores along with Perfumes of London for decent price

  9. liz.g (verified owner)

    I think this was a really great smelling and nice feeling soap. It definitely has a light lather its not super bubbly. This is more in line with the natural soaps I usually use. It doesnt leave my skin super hydrated, so if youre looking for that I wouldnt recommend this one. I love the lavender scent. Even my partner male loves it too

  10. mallory.v (verified owner)

    This is one of my new favorites. This soap was ever so lightly scented I am not a fan of strong scents with the lavender which I found very pleasant. It lathered up well and left my sensitive skin feeling oh so soft. I typically steer away from bar soaps because I find them too drying but not this one. Would definitely recommend

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