Yardley English Rose 75Ml Body Spray

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Yardley English Rose 75Ml Body Spray

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Yardley English Rose 75Ml Body Spray by 5060322952192

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200 reviews for Yardley English Rose 75Ml Body Spray

  1. Miss Yang (verified owner)

    When I go out, this is it. I dont like the lotion smell at all, but the spray is amazing I have purchased a lot already so far Will continue to purchase again.

  2. chickenn (verified owner)

    this fine fragrance mist is truly the finest. it has a light and fresh scent of rose thats balanced with the musk, so it is not extremely floral and stuffy. i think it lasts decently long for a body spray 3 hours on skin and faintly on my clothes after a full day.

  3. Ashley1027 (verified owner)

    Smells fantastic Like fresh cut Roses. Has very clean and subtle lingering scent. Very feminine and sensual smell.

  4. Preetikarnik21 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this fragrance as a mist and as the moisturizing body wash. Its mild yet so fragrant that it lasts super long and leave a pleasant lingering smell through out the day

  5. WAlove95 (verified owner)

    This scent is amazing, I get complimented on it all the time The perfect rose scent without being too much at all. If you love anything rose, you will definitely love this

  6. Vanna91 (verified owner)

    Im not a huge floral lover, I like slightly floral with sweetness if Im going to buy a floral. One in a million was not my fav is was straight in your face floral, I was afraid of this one but wow was I wrong, I can smell a soft rose and the dry down is beautiful Doesnt smell grannyish, it can be sexy with a nice outfit on. Nice late dinner, not the club. Lol

  7. Charlie1234 (verified owner)

    Rose smells soo good. I honestly am ready to buy another bottle already My mom absolutely HATES floral scents, but even she is in love with this one and cant stop using it

  8. Angsali13 (verified owner)

    I love this body spray, it so fresh with a nice soft fragrance smell that last all day.I get a lot of compliments and questions like what kind of perfume Im wearing Everyone is always surprised when I say is a body spray called Rose. I also have the body lotion and love it too.

  9. Jessiemessi (verified owner)

    I have been a HUGE fan of BBW for years. I have lotion and body spray in almost every room of my house and Im not even close to joking. I have candles and seriously a pie plate from years ago My typical go to scents are usually fruity.. however, Rose Has changed my signature scent entirely Anyone who knows me knows one thing. . I LIVE to smell good. I couldnt care if I have makeup or if Im in my pjs, I NEED to smell yummy. I get complaints EVERYWHERE I go because I lotion and spray myself and then I use perfume. Youd think itd be too much but Rose literally works with every perfume I have creating my signature scent. Its a delicate scent but particular and noticeable. Flowers in general can smell good but not as strong as youd think. Rose literally captures exactly what youd expect the flower to smell like. Without sight, it describes the flower without ever having to see it. Its quickly become my all time favorite and I swear I thought pear berry or coconut lime verbena would forever be on top. If you havent tried it, its a must have to have on hand.

  10. laurapossick (verified owner)

    Rose is that kind of fragrance that can be used for any occasion. It smells just like its name, roses, with a little touch of sweetness that make this mist my favorite. Totally recomendable.

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