Yardley Fine Fragrance Miniatures 3X10Ml Eau De Toilette Edt (Lav,Ros,Lil)

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Yardley Fine Fragrance Miniatures 3X10Ml Eau De Toilette Edt (Lav,Ros,Lil)

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Yardley Fine Fragrance Miniatures 3X10Ml Eau De Toilette Edt (Lav,Ros,Lil) by 5056179303607

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200 reviews for Yardley Fine Fragrance Miniatures 3X10Ml Eau De Toilette Edt (Lav,Ros,Lil)

  1. Iodine (verified owner)

    This is the only fragrance I have really, really liked for many years ans my longtime. SO Dave really likes it too It is subtle and lingers for awhilevery mild which I like I do receive complements on it.I would not recommend any fragrance dt fragrances can smell different on someone else.

  2. tezra.e (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorites I love the unique scent. Givenchy fragrances are high quality and stand the test of time. Its intoxicating

  3. liliana.m (verified owner)

    This is will ALWAYS be my all time favorite perfume. Im in my late thirties and Ive been wearing this fragrance since I was in high school. I always get compliments on it, even from people just walking by me. It will always be 1 in my book

  4. dwilliamsus (verified owner)

    The Amariage that I purchased is not the same scent as what I purchase from Macys. It is a totally different scent, I am so disappointed. In same bottle but not the same perfume.

  5. gbv4me (verified owner)

    Thats the best way I would describe Amarige soapy gardenia. Those are the only scents my nose can actually detect in this perfume. I must admit, I bought this blindly due to the fact that it was a classic, so I just assumed if a lot of other people liked it I would too. Boy, was I wrong. Im 31, but this perfume was WAY too mature smelling for me. Once I sprayed it on it was unbelievably overpowering, and even though it chilled out an hour or so later on my skin it was still just too much for me. Smells like a thick powdery gardenia soap that I would much prefer to use in the shower then actually spray on and smell for hours at a time. I know Im definitely in the minority here though

  6. chelsea.b (verified owner)

    Ah one of the original perfumes. A good ole trusty for sure. Alot of people think this one smells like an older woman perfume. I however loved it even as a teenager. It was one of my first perfume sets gifted to me. It is a more mature and strong scent. Kinda earthy and almost bordering unisex, yet feminine Its…unique

  7. The Dancer (verified owner)

    I love Amarige I only have to put on in the morning. The scent lasts all day. I get so many compliments. Ive tried other perfumes, but always go back to wearing Amarige.I think it has to do with body chemistry and this is the one that works best with mine.

  8. shreya.m (verified owner)

    Irresistible fragrance. Its not too strong so I can wear it to work However, its definitely not worth the price. I usually buy it from Shoppers for almost 100.

  9. raneem.e (verified owner)

    This perfume is terrific. I only wear it on special occasions and to important meetings because I dont want to run out. If you have a chance you should definitely get it for your collection.

  10. Reviewed by Perfume Price customer (verified owner)

    Ive been using givenchy since 80s and I cant change it for anything It remains one of the best. I love the strong scent.

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