Yardley Lavender 200G Talc & 100G Soap Set

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Yardley Lavender 200G Talc & 100G Soap Set

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200 reviews for Yardley Lavender 200G Talc & 100G Soap Set

  1. haley.b (verified owner)

    I love this baby powder Its absolutely amazing Its very affordable as well as it has a light scent that doesnt overload you. I use it on myself as well as my children when they need to keep dry in places that like to develop yeast

  2. OliviaShap (verified owner)

    After my daughter was born, we had no idea how allergic she would be to chlorine diapers and I noticed a huge rash spreading on her bottom. I, as a new mommy, of course rushed her to the Emergency room where they told me it was just a bad case of diaper rash. At the time we were using the butt paste stuff, but after two weeks of liberally applying her rash was still quite severe so I opted to buy some Johnsons Baby Powder to see if it made any difference. It did I chose the Lavender and Chamomile scent because of their soothing properties.Now after two weeks of using the powder, her rash has completely disappeared Plus pouring a bit of baby powder on a newborn baby is much easier than applying a sticky paste, and it smells good which is an added bonus.I think the only thing I have negatively to say about the Johnsons baby powder is that the lid becomes stuck sometimes.

  3. chelcie.j (verified owner)

    I think this product is great for children and adults alike. Compared to other brands, this works great for clearing a diaper rash and chaffing. I dont think theres a way to improve this product. My child enjoys its because of the poof so its easy for her to let me use it. I would recommend this to anyone who battles chaffe and diaper rashes.

  4. brenda.c (verified owner)

    I have used this for yours. It is great for chaffing and freshness. I use it daily. It is very affordable. It is by far the best. I have tried other powdered with lavender but this is 1.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my new replacement for the regular baby powder. I like that it is free of Parabens and dyes. Lavender…but the scent is faint..

  6. amy.k (verified owner)

    I really like the smell of the lavender baby powder. I find it soothing an I use a lot of lavender products. Baby powder is a good thing to have around for chafing. I have always used Johnsons baby powder as I cant remember a phase of life without it. Its a cradle to the grave product.

  7. · (verified owner)

    I love everything lavender. Johnsons has been a brand that I could trust and this powder is amazing. It helps calm my sons skin rash and it helps him heal. My son wasnt uncomfortable during application or anything and luckily this works well with his sensitive skin.

  8. erica.d (verified owner)

    This is a good powder. Does exactly what its intended to. Not sure how the lavender in it does anything but still a good one. Powder really hasnt changed. It helps when my child has a diaper rash. Keeping it dry with powder clears it up quick. Good product

  9. katie.b (verified owner)

    My favorite baby powder. I carry one in each diaper bag and have a bottle in each bedroom and bathroom. Nice scent. Not overpowering. Does the job well and is good on sensitive skin. I even use it on my knees and elbows during roller derby practice to help with sweat and stink. Definitely recommend.

  10. · (verified owner)

    Women, including myself, my daughters and their friends use baby powder on their hair scalp between washings. How about making colored baby powder for cosmetic purposes. Alot of women with black or very dark hair cant use it for their hair but want to. If Johnson Johnson experimented with baby powder that has color, I think they would made a lot of money. Brown, black, yellow and orange baby powder would be most useful for women of all hair colors to extend their hair wash periods a day longer because baby powder absorbs oil on the scalp.Please think about it. There are color sprays or Pssst sprays but they just dont work to absorb oil on the scalp like baby powder does.

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