Yardley Lily Of The Valley 250Ml Body Lotion

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Yardley Lily Of The Valley 250Ml Body Lotion

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200 reviews for Yardley Lily Of The Valley 250Ml Body Lotion

  1. Tonya (verified owner)

    This lotion the natural product line is leagues more moisturizing than the other fragrance lotions. Its the perfect balance of lavender and vanilla scent and it lasts a long time. I use it to relax and have a great night sleep. The product design is gorg, the cap and how the lotion dispenses is pure luxury.

  2. Anna (verified owner)

    I have been eyeing this for awhile and read the comments to see if it was good or not. After doing so I decided to give it a try and order the Pomegranate and Lotus lotion , body wash, and body scrub and they all smelled so good. But when I happened to look on the back of the body scrub I noticed the ingredients said walnut shell powder. I am allergic to peanuts and its a good thing I checked because if I would of used the scrub on my skin I could of gotten an allergic reaction. So for anyone who is allergic to peanuts I suggested you dont get the body scrub. I had to give my body scrub to my mom. There is no walnuts in the lotion and body wash though. So I thought I write this review and let other people know.

  3. tehilla.p (verified owner)

    I really like this product. I believe that Victoria secret lotions serve the purpose of fragrance and not really moisturizing. I love this scent of this particular lotion better than the others. Its a bit runny so its not great and moisturizing but the scent makes up for it. It contains hints of mint underlying the main vanilla scent and it is heavenly. It is also really affordable and the packaging is gorgeous. I would definitely recommend to others. The scent gives a sense of warmth and relaxation. Perfect for the holiday times. I honestly love it.

  4. diana.c (verified owner)

    It smelled ok, I dont think Im a big fan of the coconut and lavender mix. I thought I would love this product because I love both, coconut lavender, just not together I guess. It doesnt smell bad though, it smells pretty good. I just wouldnt wear this on a daily basis. Its a little bit too strong. The packaging is beautiful though and I really like the color of the bottle. I just hoped that the lavender somewhat overpowered the coconut oil. It made my hands feel soft though but I would prefer a Shea butter type of lotion. Although the scent seemed too strong for me, it is somewhat relaxing and sleeping to the smell of this is quite calming. I just have mixed feelings about this product but I will keep using it because it leaves my skin feeling softer and moisturized.

  5. caylie.s (verified owner)

    I always get compliments when wearing this scent. It is nicely noticeable, but not too strong unless you go overboard. When used correctly, the scent lasts for an entire workday. I always buy these when they are having their 6 sale, so the price is not bad at all. I would say the only downside is that the location is not convenient for me, as I live 40 minutes away from their closest store. But if I am in the area, I def would make a stop. I have at least 45 of their scents in this line and I love them all. Victorias Secret never disappoints.

  6. sarah.t (verified owner)

    I own so many of these fragrances, but this one is hands down my favourite scent by Victoria Secret Ive been using this one since way back in high school, and anytime I wear it I get so many compliments. Ive repurchased this so many times. I dont really like sweet vanilla scents as much as I use to, so I prefer more of a musky sweet scent. The best word to describe this one is flirty. I just love the way this smells its seriously so amazing. A lot of fragrance mists dont last on me, but this one definitely does I would highly recommend trying this one brandvictoriassecret

  7. anju.s (verified owner)

    I still like this, but now I prefer Secret Charm. Sheer Love smells great in summer, but in winter it smells like chemical water. Only for warm months. This is definitely my favorite body mist from the Fantasies line. I also like their fruity stuff like Pure Seduction, but Im not always in the mood to smell like bubblegum. Sheer Love is great for everyday, and for anyone Its feminine, soft and airy with a light, crisp sweetness, somewhat romantic. It sort of smells like watermelon to my nose, not watermelon candy, but an actual slice of fresh watermelon…I really dig that Its great for those days when its so hot outside that I feel myself getting sick and becoming sensitive to most smells including all my other perfumes. If you are concerned about smelling like a teen, worry not with this one. Staying power is poor to average in the mist form 2 hours, it does not last as long as their sweeterfruitier offerings, but I dont mind. I will be getting the EDT soon. Secret Charm is another nice, fresh, nontuttifrutti one, but I prefer Sheer Love, its more feminine and, well, pink. Endless Love may also fall in the same category, but I found it too sharp. Sheer Love and Sexy Little Things Noir Tease body mist are my favorite scents from VS, I will always repurchase these two.

  8. tiffani.c (verified owner)

    I wasnt expecting too much from this lotion but to my surprise I actually wound up really liking it I have pretty dry skin so when it comes to a body moisturizerlotion I find that rich body butters and cremes work best on my skin. Because most body lotions contain more water than rich cremesbutters I usually find that they dont work as well. So when I picked up this lotion I wasnt expecting it to do much and was pleasantly surprised with the end results For one, this lotion smells amazing. Because it is infused with coconut oil I was expecting it to smell strongly like coconut but it actually smelled 10 x BETTER. The lotion combines a sweet, floral fragrance with the coconut oil and the result YUMMY The blend is seriously perfect not too strong but just enough. As for the moisturizing aspect, this lotion was BOMB. The blend of coconut oil worked really well and kept my skin smooth and moisturized all day The only con I found was with the pumpstyle bottle. When I started to get to the end of the bottle I found that the pump would get clogged and I couldnt get the product out. Other than that I really loved this lotion a lot and would totally recommend and pick up again.

  9. kristen.m (verified owner)

    I worked for Victorias Secret for several years and got the opportunity to use MANY of their skincare products. Their quality is really quite good as they are owned by the same company that owns Bath and Body Works, so you are not likely to be disappointed there. The main difference is their fragrances, and sometimes even those are pretty close. The hand and body cream is really rich and emollient, and it absorbs well. Love Spell is their 1 seller, and has been for decades so its a pretty safe bet for a lot of people. Its a sweet, slightly floral scent that appeals to a lot of different tastes. I think its nice, but its not a favorite of mine. Overall I would say give the products a try either during the SemiAnnual sale, or when you purchase a bundle to get the best value.

  10. lori.h (verified owner)

    Our original Victorias Secret Angel, Heavenly adds richness and warmth to everything she touches. The scent was created to capture the inner strength and luminosity inside of every womanthe radiance of her spirit. It opens with a hint of effervescent fruits. A handcrafted bouquet of romantic white florals is at the heart Peony, Freesia, Lotus. Enveloped in Gold Musk, Creamy Sandalwood and Bourbon Vanilla for sensual warmth and sophistication. Luminous in gold. Loved by all. The one and only, Heavenly. The Heavenly fragrance you love, back with a whole new look. Eau de Parfum is our most concentrated, pure version of the fragrance Fragrance type Warm Notes Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Peony 50 ml1.7 fl oz

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