Yardley Lily Of The Valley (3X100G) Soaps

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Yardley Lily Of The Valley (3X100G) Soaps

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Yardley Lily Of The Valley (3X100G) Soaps by 5060322952390

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200 reviews for Yardley Lily Of The Valley (3X100G) Soaps

  1. Lburbs (verified owner)

    I received a free sample of the Yardley of London English Lavender Moisturizing Bath Bar Since 1770, in the mail. If you like the scent of lavender, you will love this. The scent lingers on your skin but isnt overpowering. The bar produces a creamy lather that keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturized. It cleans well which is the essential job of a bar like this. We are in a time of constant hand washing and this bar has not dried out my skin like other soaps have. I have since purchased this bar for use in the shower. It leaves my skin clean and with a softness and scent that I get to enjoy.

  2. jordan.m (verified owner)

    I could smell this soap from the outside the package It is very strong. If you are sensitive to strong smells I might pass on this. Personally, I really like it The name is spot on. I felt very clean after using this in my shower

  3. cristina.r (verified owner)

    The smell of this bath bar is so fantastic I was not a excited about bar soap since I have been a die hard show gel girl for a long time. This bar lathers up well and leaves my skin feeling so moisturized. If more bar soaps were like this I might buy more received complimentary from Influenster for review

  4. liz.g (verified owner)

    I think this was a really great smelling and nice feeling soap. It definitely has a light lather its not super bubbly. This is more in line with the natural soaps I usually use. It doesnt leave my skin super hydrated, so if youre looking for that I wouldnt recommend this one. I love the lavender scent. Even my partner male loves it too

  5. tamaja.t (verified owner)

    I cant tell you the last tim I used a bar of soap but I can tell you I wont be using this one. Its advertised as moisturizing. It did the opposite for my skin. It lathered well. When it was rinsed it left a dry waxy residue feeling on my skin that I had to wash off with my normal soap. Its not my thing but it smells good.

  6. amna.m (verified owner)

    Do you like the art and craftwork I got some amazing products in this womenempowerment voxbox and it includes this crafted greeting card from papyrus They have a nice collection with highclass quality, and I got yardley bar soap the smell is so loving and I havent used yet but ill review it soon and This daily supplement by sundown its gummies 100 soft gel, glutenfree and dairyfree also made with pure garlic And last I got this total hydration chapstick with sea minerals excited to try this voxbox womenempowerment influncer goddies flatlay influenster influenster Perfumes of London review mylook selfcare SundownNutrition SundownxInfluenster WomensEmpowermentVoxBox contest complimentary SundownNutrition Influenster

  7. leslie.h (verified owner)

    I love the scent of lavender This soap is so perfect. It doesnt dry out your skin like some soaps do. I have used this brand before, just never tried this particular scent. Ill definitely be repurchasing once my bar is gone.

  8. fabiola.z (verified owner)

    The scent of this moisturizing bath bar is amazing. The scent is strong but not overwhelming Is doesnt leave my skin feeling oily at all. EmpoweredByPapyrus WomensEmpowermentVoxBox contest complimentary Papyrus Influenster

  9. kris.c (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this soap It smells amazing and just the aroma is calming. It also very hydrating This will be a new staple in my shower Even my little one is obsessed Highly recommend checking this soap out

  10. sharon.g (verified owner)

    I have used Yardley for years so I am definitely partial. The fragrance and functionality of Yardley Soap speaks for itself. Clearly made from highquality ingredients Yardley does not leave your skin feeling dry like most other soaps and tends to help me relax whether in the shower or in the tub. I actually love having this around for guests when they come to visit. The bar lasts longer than other bar soaps and is so gentle that I can use on my children who both have sensitive skin. It lathers perfectly and the scent is light but refreshing and lasting leaving the clean feeling to last through the day although I like the scent most for night as I do find it so relaxing.

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