Yardley Mixed Soaps 3X50G(Lav.Ros.Lil)

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Yardley Mixed Soaps 3X50G(Lav.Ros.Lil)

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Yardley Mixed Soaps 3X50G(Lav.Ros.Lil) by 5056179303591

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165 reviews for Yardley Mixed Soaps 3X50G(Lav.Ros.Lil)

  1. Marnie (verified owner)

    Love this soap only one I have used for years. Great value

  2. doesnot (verified owner)

    lathers well. lasts, does not melt.

  3. CINDA (verified owner)

    Wonderful moisturizing body soap Leaves your skin soft and smooth.

  4. customer09 (verified owner)

    smells like Bonner castile soap with almond.I must not like almond scented soap,because this soap smelled really strong out of the box.I still gave it a chance by trying it as a hand washing soap,but couldnt get over the scent of almond which was less noticeable after using the soap, but still there.My 10 year old didnt care for the scent either,called it really stinky I think we will stick with the more traditional scented soaps.

  5. Li (verified owner)

    Smells wonderful, subtle and soft

  6. Tina (verified owner)

    The first time Ive ever used these bar of soap I feel in LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT. Not only the size but also the smell. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PRODUCT

  7. florintine (verified owner)

    have touch eczema and this soap was the only thing that relieved the pain other a regiment of drugs

  8. kathe.benne (verified owner)

    I have sensative skin, and this soap works really well

  9. virginia.h (verified owner)

    I saw this Yardley Of London Naturally Moisturizing Bar Soap Oatmeal Almond in my voxbox and was like oh ok this is easy bc I already buy this First off its inexpensive as hell, and you can use it on your body, face not as your main cleanser but yes you can and for shaving thats like 3 products in one It smells almondy delicious, and is a gentle exfoliating bar, and is full of coconut oil too. Did I mention the price Also bar soap is more portable than a big ol body wash get a soap box and there isnt excessive packaging, to help our zero plastic and lastly there is no animal testing on this product.

  10. NewYork (verified owner)

    Does not leave your skin dry and flaky. Theres a faint smell thats not too overwhelming.

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