Yves Saint Laurent Y (M) 60Ml Eau De Toilette Edt+50Ml S/G

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Yves Saint Laurent Y (M) 60Ml Eau De Toilette Edt+50Ml S/G

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Yves Saint Laurent Y (M) 60Ml Eau De Toilette Edt+50Ml S/G by 3614273431347

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200 reviews for Yves Saint Laurent Y (M) 60Ml Eau De Toilette Edt+50Ml S/G

  1. Savingmoneyhunny (verified owner)

    I recently discovered Y cologne and I couldnt get enough I had to order my husband a bottle Its definitely well worth the money. My husband has a very labor intensive job and works many hours. This cologne stands up to his tough work day and he comes home smelling scrumptious The design of the bottle is flawless and looks gorgeous in our scent collection. The smell is very masculine and sensual but also great as an every day fragrance go to. Buy this cologne you wont regret it I was gifted by yves Saint Laurent for my honest feedback.

  2. Shinesmile (verified owner)

    Yves Saint Laurent beauty USA gifted me this perfume in exchange for my honest opinion. My husband had used this perfume and he was completely impressed by it. The packaging of the bottle is sleek, stylish and sophisticated. He applied the perfume in the morning and went for work. When he returned home, the scent of perfume was still pretty strong. This is a bold and strong scent and doesnt fades away much. You dont need to reapply it, as it stays for whole day, The notes of cedarwood and Lavender are pretty strong and dominant in the fragrance. My husband loved this woody and masculine fragrance. And, now, I am a big fan of this scent too.

  3. Milesanon (verified owner)

    I love this product, firstly the packaging and bottle are impressive, especially the bottle it looks similar to a hip flask and has a flip top and feels very expensive in the hand ideal for travel. The smell has woody and citrus undertones which is very fresh. I would use this for daytime or the evening. When first applied its not overpowering but has a strong pleasant smell, withing 30 mins it settles into a lovely background aroma so I have been told which I would say lasts at least 6hrs. This has become my daily scent I would recommend anyone to buy. 5 stars

  4. Misshollygrove (verified owner)

    One of the best Colognes I have recieved or ever used. This was meant for my husband but he doesnt like cologne. I myself I loved it and definitely would use for myself. The scent is so beautiful very unisex like. Smells like a woodsy lavender. It is a very intoxicating scent that lingers all day long. It is blended with cedarwood and lavender. The scent is so refreshing and beautiful. Reminds me of a beautiful sunny summer day with a tad sense of a woodsy breeze with the small notes of lavender. Definitely a must have for special occasions when going out. The bottle itself is a gorgeous sleek edgy bottle and very unique.

  5. Renee (verified owner)

    Yves Saint Laurent gifted me this cologne for my honest review. This cologne smells so good My boyfriend took one smell and was obsessed and I got to say Im not mad at it either Im not going to even try to describe the scent because Im not good at that. Its strong but not overpowering and it lingers on his skin nicely. The bottle is so beautiful and looks great sitting out in the bathroom Hes going to be using this as his everyday cologne but I also think this would be great for a night out I gave it four stars because its not his absolute favorite but its up there

  6. Daisysmom0773 (verified owner)

    YSL gave me this EDP to try and it is classy, invigorating, and layered with fruit, berries, sage and so much more. Y EDP from Yves Saint Laurent is a scent that will be a classic. It has a woodsy base of aromatic cedar and tonka bean. Juniper berries and sage are evident adding a masculine seductiveness and mystery. Top notes of apple, bergamot and ginger fluidly intermingle with one another giving Y a sweet alluring fragrance that instantly draws you in and does not let go. Masculine, Sensual, Sophisticated, and Alluring. Confidence and Class, Y is surely a worthy addition to YSL mens fragrances. Lasting and Consistent Scent. Any man who wants a to smell like a true and sensual man would love this

  7. fouzia (verified owner)

    I received this product from Yves Saint Laurentin exchange for my honest opinion. The bottle design is very nice. This is just marvelous and signature scent ,very masculine. This is my husband new favorite cologne. It smells fresh and very masculin. It is exquisitely earthy, but opens up with a blast of fresh oranges.It is absolutely incredible and versatile, fresh and clean yet deep, woody and complex. He gets a lot of compliments while wearing it and I love the smell of it too. It lasts for a long time so I will be buying more for him as a presents.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This product was complimentary from Yves St Laurent Beauty. The Y Le Parfum is a good everyday fragrance. The bottle is simple but stands out. Its not overly strong or an overpowering scent and would work well year round. I like the woody scent and you can immediately identify the scent of cedarwood. I can also faintly detect a trace of lavender but its not very pronounced compared to the cedarwood. The scent also lasts throughout the day for many hours. This is the first YSL perfume Ive tried and overall its a great fragrance for men.

  9. savingmoneyhun (verified owner)

    Im obsessed with Y cologne for my husband. I first tried it as a sample and I had to order him a bottle for his birthday. This is his second bottle now. Everytime he wears it I cant stop smelling him Even after a long day at work he comes home smelling delicious The scent is very masculine and sensual in my opinion. The fragrance is incredibly long lasting and worth the money. It smells expensive and casual at the same time. Its the perfect day to day fragrance for men. Not only is the scent perfect but so is the bottle design. Its so sleek and stylish and bold. Very masculine and looks amazing in our fragrance collection. I was gifted by yves Saint Laurent beauty in return for my honest feedback.

  10. CJ0117 (verified owner)

    I got YSL Y LE PARFUM as a gift from YSL and heres my honest opinion about the fragrance. Lets talk about packaging first, its in sleek black bottle. Its sexy and beautiful.First thing I noticed was geranium, cedar and lavender. Its little bit sporty, fresh, bit woody and spicy but its not overwhelming at all like typical men cologne. Really great combination. I think its appropriate for any occasion casual or formal even daily use. I really liked on my husband. Its fresh, sexy and mature but I would recommend to young adult also. This is the scent that everyone will like in my opinion.Overall from packaging and the product, I can say Im very pleased. I promise you and significant lover will enjoy this amazing cologne

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